WWE Rumors: New Championship Title Being Added To The Women's Division Soon, Per 'Ringside News'

It looks like the Women's division will continue to set new benchmarks in the WWE. After the first ever Women's Royal Rumble, it is now being speculated that WWE is planning to reintroduce Women's Tag Team Championship. Notably, the Women's division has been given a massive push in the past few months by WWE officials.

The next significant step in promoting the Women's division appears to be the introduction of a new tag team championship, as reported by Ringside News. A Reddit user named Belt Fan Dan, who had previously accurately broken the news on new title belts, recently took to the social media platform to make this announcement.

Belt Fan Dan previously predicted that NXT would be introducing a mid-card title, which eventually turned out to be true. The Reddit user also predicted that the new Women's Tag Team titles would be introduced around SummerSlam. The Women's Tag Team Championships were last seen from 1983 to 1989 before being curtailed, as the Women's division of that time lacked intentions and direction.

It is being rumored that the Bella Twins were lobbying for the Women's Tag Team division to be reinstated back in 2012. While it may not have happened in 2012, it appears that WWE is now continuing with its commitment to strengthen the Women's division. At the upcoming WrestleMania 34, the Women's division will make history by participating in the Women's Battle Royal Match.

WWE Women's division has received massive push in recent times

The Women's division has become stronger with the arrival of Asuka and Ronda Rousey. However, with the lesser number of titles in the Women's division, there is nothing for the mid-card wrestlers to fight for on a regular basis. At times, fans do not get to see several women wrestlers for weeks, as they are not part of the main championships.

Introduction of the Women's Tag Team titles will allow more active participation of the entire women's division on the main roster. Apart from the main title competitors, there is immense talent in the Women's division in both Raw and SmackDown Live. There are possibilities for some fantastic rivalries in the mid-card segment.

WWE Women's Battle Royal

It remains to be seen whether the Tag Team Titles would be common like the WWE Men's Championship or would be separate for both brands akin to Men's Tag Team Championships.