Kevin Federline's Strip-Club Birthday Party On The Money, Kevin And Britney Spears Fight Over Child Support

Turning forty is a big deal for most people, and Kevin Federline decided to go for it at his 40th birthday party. Britney Spears' ex-husband threw a party at a Las Vegas strip club to mark his big four-oh on Saturday night, and according to People, Federline had a message to send Spears.

While Federline and Spears are fighting over child support payments, the rapper and DJ splashed around money memes for the theme of his birthday party at the Crazy 3 Gentlemen's Club.

He booked a spacious V.I.P. area and ordered a cake that was built in the shape of hundreds of dollar bills made from fondant and showing images of Federline's face instead of a president.

ET wrote that it was a party in true Vegas style, with scantily clad dancers, a porn star, and a special bottle service added to the party's hefty price-tag to make sure all his guests had plenty of expensive booze to drink and edamame to munch on while Kevin Federline himself headlined as DJ.

Later in the evening, Federline filled up a money cannon with dollar bills and shot the cannon at a stripper, sending hundreds of one dollar bills flying through the air at the trendy strip-club.

Kevin Federline threw his 40th birthday party in a strip club
Happy together in 2008, ten years later Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are fighting over child support payments.

To add the finishing touch of glitz and dollars, the strip club's regular look includes stacks of bills piled up on all the stages in the big club.

There was money all over the place, and according to TMZ, the dollar-themed decorations were a deliberate ploy on Kevin Federline's part.

The outlet wrote that the money-themed party was just one more hit in Federline's "hard play" to get more money out of Britney Spears.

Spears pays Federline $20,000 a month in child support, but the rapper claims that's just not enough for raising two growing boys. Jayden and Sean are 11 and 12 now and Federline claims they're getting expensive.

Federline's money worries didn't get in the way of making his party a night to remember though. With all the cash memes and actual cash floating around, it's no wonder that Britney's father thinks Kevin might be wasting Spears' payments.

He reportedly thinks that Federline could be skimming some of Britney's support payments for his other children or possibly just spending on himself. Kevin's strip-club bash, which included his whole entourage along with his wife, Victoria Prince, cost a lot of cash, and it could backfire as a way to pressure Britney Spears to pay up.

The Twitter sphere appears to agree with Spears' dad. People are tweeting that Kevin Federline should grow up and stop freeloading on Britney Spears.