Woman Wedged Between Buildings Freed By Firemen [Video]

A woman got wedged between buildings in downtown Portland Oregon on Wednesday. The woman was stuck for about four hours until firefighters were able to free her.

According to Stuff Magazine, firefighters had to cut a hole in the concrete in order to free the woman. Firefighters also used an air bag, soapy lubricant, and a heater to get the woman out.

Lieutenant Rich Chatman of the Portland fire department said:

“She was in good spirits. We just tried to reassure her… we weren’t going home without her.”

Chapman said that he wasn’t exactly sure how the woman got wedged between two buildings. The lieutenant said that she must have been walking on the roof when she fell a few meters between the downtown structures.

UPI reports that the woman was stuck in a space about 25 centimeters wide and four feet off the ground. Rescue workers used a portable heater to keep her feet warm throughout the ordeal and braces to hold her up while they worked on cutting out a chunk of the building.

Fire Lieutenant Damon Simmons said that the incident in Portland today was strange but showed that the department’s Urban Search and Rescue unit was ready for just about anything.

Simmons said: “They’re ready for when the big earthquake hits.”

Simmons may not be expecting to help another woman wedged between two buildings anytime soon, but this could be the start of some type of epidemic. Last November, a Rhode Island woman got wedged between two buildings.

Here’s a video about today’s rescue.