Kylie Jenner Posts Stunning Pre-Baby Body Bikini Pic On Instagram, Revealing Her ‘Summer Goals’

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Kylie Jenner has been busy with her new baby daughter Stormi, but the queen of Instagram has also taken time to restore her crown. Kylie has been sharing a series of increasingly revealing photos on Instagram, even posing in a hot tub. But although Jenner has earned wows for her fast post-baby weight loss, it apparently hasn’t been enough just yet. Kylie turned to Instagram to share a pre-pregnancy photo of her stunning bikini body.

In posting the picture of how she looked prior to getting pregnant, Jenner may have shown that she has some specific fitness goals for 2018. And Kylie’s caption added to the speculation that the lip kit queen is eager to achieve her post-baby weight loss goals, pointed out People.

“Summer goals.”

The picture that Kylie shared was not dated, but Jenner indicated that it was a throwback photo by labeling it “tb.” People magazine speculated that Jenner was informing her followers that she is even more motivated to exercise now that she’s seen the difference between her post-pregnancy figure and her flat tummy and whittled waistline in that pre-baby bikini pic.

Kylie and her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott, welcomed their first child into the world last month. Since giving birth, Jenner has shared images of her success in restoring her pre-baby body. But judging by that “summer goals” bikini body photo that she just posted, Kylie wants to shed even more weight.

Jenner’s first video after having her baby was posted just a few weeks after tiny Stormi’s arrival. Kylie flaunted her flat tummy in a t-shirt, which she pulled up, and the bottom half of her string bikini. In addition, Jenner recently headed to a hot tub with her best friend Jordyn Woods, revealing her weight loss success by just wearing a sports bra.

Kylie reportedly has turned to Kim Kardashian for help in creating her post-baby diet and fitness plan, as the Inquisitr noted. Jenner gained about 50 pounds during her pregnancy, and she lost 25 pounds in just 10 days using Kim’s low-carb diet and focused exercise plan.

But when it comes to discussing her weight loss with her fans, Kylie has been crediting the use of a waist trainer rather than her big sister. Jenner has been turning to waist trainers for the past three years.

However, after revealing how flat her stomach has become in just weeks after her baby’s arrival, Kylie received some slams from her followers for crediting a waist trainer for her weight loss, reported the Sun.

Kris Jenner now has eight grandchildren, with her youngest daughter, 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, adding the newest member of the grandchildren group on February 1.
Kris Jenner now has eight grandchildren, with her youngest daughter, 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, adding the newest member of the grandchildren group on February 1. Featured image credit: Eric CharbonneauInvision for Warner Bros./AP Images

Although Jenner informed her fans that she was “hard at work” in losing her post-pregnancy pounds, some of her followers felt that it was inappropriate for her to share her use of a waist trainer. The criticism included slams for hyping a waist trainer to a fan base that includes teenagers as well as blasts for wanting to get thin so fast after having a baby.

“My God. Is Kylie still advertising waist trainers to teenage girls?…your body is SUPPOSED to look like it does after giving birth. Stop promoting dangerous weight loss BS!!”

Prior to becoming pregnant, Kylie responded to speculation that she had plastic surgery to improve her curves. Denying allegations of breast implant surgery, Jenner said that she liked her “chunkiness,” estimating that she weighed 136 pounds before she sported her baby bump.

“I used to be 120 [pounds at age 16],” recalled Kylie. “I don’t think I really have the fattest a**, but I know my angles.”

And her rear end isn’t the only aspect of life about which Jenner has been candid. Kylie also has opened up about the joys of pregnancy, calling the experience “beautiful, empowering, and life changing.”