Memphis Teenagers Allegedly Gang-Raped Girl, Then Posted Video Of The Attack On Facebook Live


Three Memphis teenagers are in jail after police said they gang-raped a 17-year-old girl, and then posted video of the attack on Facebook Live.

This incident took place this week, with WREG reporting that the 17-year-old victim had initially invited 19-year-old Martin Milan to her house to have sex. When Milan asked if he could bring his brother, the victim reportedly told him no.

Later that day, Milan arrived at the teenager’s home along with 18-year-old Antun Hester and 19-year-old Rayford Smith, police claim. The victim let them in her home but told the others that she was only interested in Milan, WREG reported. She went into another room with Milan, but several minutes later Smith and Hester came into the room and raped the girl, police claim.

During the rape, Smith reportedly took video on his cell phone and later posted it to Facebook. When the assault ended, the victim hid in her grandmother’s room and called police, Yahoo News reported.

Police said they have recovered text messages between Martin Milan and the alleged victim showing that she had said no to anyone else coming along. They have also recovered the video of the alleged rape, WREG reported.

The rape charges have generated national attention, with the story being picked up by major news outlets including Yahoo News and Newsweek. The story came just a few weeks after another highly publicized crime that was broadcast live on Facebook. In late February, a North Carolina man captured video of his own murder after taking to Facebook Live in his neighborhood.

As WPVI-TV reported, Prentis Robinson recorded a conversation he had with someone, when video showed a person approach holding a long gun. The person fired four shots, killing Robinson. Reports indicated that Robinson had been a whistleblower, trying to root out drug dealing in his neighborhood.


The Memphis teenagers accused of gang-raping a teenage girl and posting video of the attack to Facebook Live remained in jail after being arrested this week. Milan’s bond was set at $100,000 while the other two suspects remained behind bars on $50,000 bond. The three have been charged with aggravated rape and aggravated exploitation of a minor.