WWE News: The Real Reason Edge Will Never Return Like Daniel Bryan

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When Daniel Bryan announced this week that the WWE had cleared him to return to the ring, fans rejoiced at the fact that one of the all-time greats was getting a chance to restart his career. Bryan, at one time, said that the WWE was never going to allow him to return to the ring, so the shock from the fans was genuine. However, a side effect has many fans looking at other popular wrestlers forced to retire at an early age. One of these men, Edge, said that he was inundated by fans asking if he has a chance to come back as well. On the recent edition of his E & C Pod of Awesomeness podcast (via Sportskeeda), Edge answered the fans with the real reason he will never return to the ring.

The Difference Between Daniel Bryan And Edge

When the WWE first benched Daniel Bryan, it was because of neck problems. Bryan, for a period of time, lost strength in one of his arms and testing proved it was a neck injury that was keeping him out of action. However, the neck injury was not what forced his retirement from the WWE.

Instead, the WWE forced Daniel Bryan to retire due to numerous concussions over his career. While the WWE is involved in a lawsuit with former stars due to long-term issues involving concussions, the chance they would allow Bryan to return to the ring was slim.

Edge said that he never had concussion issues over his WWE career. Daniel Bryan had tests done and proved that the hyperbolic treatments he underwent eliminated and possibly reversed the brain damage suffered from concussions. However, when it comes to Edge, there is nothing he can do ever to allow him to wrestle again.

WWE News: The Real Reason Edge Will Never Return Like Daniel Bryan
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The WWE Will Never Clear Edge To Wrestle Again

Instead, the Edge WWE injury is cervical spinal stenosis. According to Edge, that means he has “stupid neck.” He said that if fans look up “stupid neck,” they might see a photo of his neck next to it.

“The WWE will never medically clear me to compete again. And I appreciate it but that’s all there is to that.”

According to WebMD, cervical spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal cord in the neck. This is something that affects people over 50 due to bulging of the discs. However, when it comes to Edge, it was the damage his neck took over his WWE career.

Further damage can cause permanent loss of strength in arms, hands, and legs. For the Edge injury risk, taking any bumps puts him at risk of paralysis. As a result, Edge can never take a bump in a wrestling match again, which is entirely different than Daniel Bryan and his concussion issues.