Jennifer Lopez Says Marriage To Marc Anthony Was ‘Brutal’

Jennifer Lopez said that her seven-year marriage to singer Marc Anthony was “brutal.”

The 43-year-old actress and singer said that she recorded a new song about the failed marriage, and told People magazine that she wept while recording it.

In the wide-ranging interview, Lopez talks about her career, family, and failed relationship with Anthony.

At one point, she added that said she’s never taken Botox or had plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean she never will.

Loez said she hasn’t made a decision whether to have any procedures to maintain her looks. And she isn’t going to look down on anyone who has, either.

“I reserve the right not to know right now, and don’t judge anybody who does it,” Jennifer Lopez told People.

In addition to her impending divorce, Jennifer Lopez has some other drama in her life. In December a judge dismissed her $20 million lawsuit against a former driver, Hakob Manoukian. The driver had initially sued Lopez claiming that she owed him $72,000 in wages, and Lopez filed a countersuit claiming that he was trying to blackmail her.

But her split from Marc Anthony has been particularly hard. Lopez even told a People reporter that the end of the relationship was so hard on her that she had problems getting out of bed and to the set of her new movie because she was too sad, ABC News reported.

Their pending divorce has also been hard on their children, Jennifer Lopez added.

I wasn’t going to be able to put together that perfect family unit, that fairy tale for them,” she said, speaking of her children Max and Emme. “I don’t want to damage them in any way.”

But going forward, Lopez said she’s going to keep her children in mind when making life decisions.

“I’m making decisions for three. … I’m Mama Bear,” she said. “I want to make sure everything’s right. I have been hasty in the past. Super hasty.”

Jennifer Lopez has since moved on from her failed marriage to Marc Anthony and is living with 25-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart, her choreographer.