Georgia Mother Bakari Warren Deliberately Crashed Car Into Pole To Prove To Kids That God Is Real

Norcross Police Department

A young mother is in hot water after allegedly deliberately crashing her vehicle into a power pole in Norcross, Georgia to prove the existence of God to her two young children. Investigators claim that 25-year-old Bakari Warren smashed her SUV into the concrete pole after telling her kids to “buckle up” and claiming to the two that God would protect them from harm if they just believed.

As WSB-TV 2 reports, the 5- and 7-year-old children told responding officers exactly what happened in the vehicle in the moments leading up to the crash. According to one of Bakari Warren’s young daughters, her mother didn’t just want the kids to be involved in the wreck; she wanted them to come through the incident knowing that God is, indeed, real. The child explained that, just before the crash, her mother had been speaking about God and her love for the deity. When asked if she believed her mother had crashed on purpose, the little girl said, “yeah,” adding that Warren even closed her eyes before veering into the other lane and hitting the pole.

“Yeah because she turned. Her eyes was closed and she was saying, blah, blah, blah, ‘I love God.’ She didn’t want us to just have a car accident. She wanted us to know that God is real.”

In the car crash, which allegedly took place early on the morning of March 21, Bakari Warren is accused of crossing from the northbound lanes of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to the southbound lanes before smashing into a concrete power pole. After police arrived on scene and placed the children into a patrol car, they immediately told responding officers what had happened. Their explanations, as well as the accident itself, were caught on tape.

Police immediately took the Georgia mom into custody, frisking and cuffing her before asking her to explain what happened. Warren reportedly told authorities to check her Facebook page for a motive, but investigators claim that there was nothing on her social media account that directly correlated to the incident.

Later, the Georgia mom reportedly told investigators that she had been trying to prove to her kids that God is real.

Fortunately, neither of the children nor their mother suffered injuries in the high-speed crash. However, first responders, including Norcross police Sergeant Eric Butynski, claim that the situation could have been “a lot worse.”

“It could have been a lot worse. It could have been heavier traffic at the time, she could have hit the pole at such an angle that she did more damage to the car.”

After questioning, Bakari Warren was arrested and is currently being held in lieu of a $22,000 bond. The Georgia mother has been charged with two counts of child cruelty. Following the SUV crash, both of her children have been turned over to the care of their grandparents.