Woman Loses 222 Pounds, Becomes Triathlete

It’s a feat most might think impossible: A woman loses 222 pounds and goes on to become a competing triathlete. The story became a reality for Aimee Smith of Wisconsin after she decided to make some serious changes in her life.

While she was constantly aware that her size was an issue, Smith was shocked two years ago when she discovered that her actual weight had reached 427 pounds. The effects on her body were evident even if she hadn’t realized the level of obesity she was quickly heading toward.

Smith spoke to ABC News about the problems her weight was causing:

“My knees hurt, my back hurt. I had high blood pressure. I was pre-diabetic. I was going down a bad path. I’m sure carrying around 400 pounds wasn’t doing my health any favors.”

Aimee Smith saw the number facing her from the scale as a wake-up call. In the two years since that fateful day, she has undergone gastric bypass surgery and embarked on a complete overhaul of her lifestyle choices. Her bold endeavor resulted in the successful loss of 222 pounds.

According to KSDK News, the 44-year-old woman can now be found running marathons and competing in triathlons. Smith is currently training for a marathon to be held in Wisconsin this spring and she has aspirations of partaking in an Ironman competition. Calling herself a triathlete is a new experience, says Smith:

“There’s a group of us out there who have had weight loss surgery who are athletes now. I never felt comfortable saying that.”

What do you think of the inspiring journey of a woman losing 222 pounds to become a triathlete?