Google Project Glass Invites Sent, Developers To Go Hands-On

The Google Project Glass initiative is heating up as the company on Wednesday sent out invitations to a pair of developer events.

Emails were sent out to developers who already purchased the $1,500 developer edition pairs of the head-mounted display. The e-mail invites those developers to attend both Google Glass Foundry events. During the meetings developers will finally have a chance to use the glasses with some hands on access. Google will also explain to developers how to use the Project Glass’ underlying software.

According to AllThingsD the two day event will start with an introduction to Glass, after which time developers will receive more in-depth instructions for Google’s Mirror API.

After developers are shown how to use the Google Mirror API they will be given some development time which will be monitored by Google’s own on-site engineers.

To end the events a panel of judges will critique each developers newly build Google Glasses application.

The Glass Foundry events will be hosted at Google’s San Francisco and New York officers on January 28 and 29 and February 1 and 2.

Google has not said how many developers the events can support or how many developers they expect will attend. Registration for both Google Foundry events will remain open until January 18.

Are you ready for wearable technology to take over your life or will you be skipping over the Google Glasses project?