Man Steals Father’s Corpse In Attempt To Resurrect Him

Detroit, MI – In what amounts to a “a very, very bizarre situation,” a man stole the body of his dead 93-year-old father from a cemetery and stuffed it in his freezer. Why? Because he believed that his father would be miraculously resurrected.

MSN reports that 93-year-old Clarence Bright’s body was stolen from a temporary casket at the Gethsemane Cemetery (he had not yet been buried) Tuesday. Bright’s 48-year-old son was arrested with another man after officers found the empty casket inside their van at a gas station, said Detroit authorities.

“This is a very, very bizarre situation,” Leon Jones, a mortician’s assistant at the funeral home that handled Bright’s funeral, told the Associated Press.

Bright’s body was later found inside a freezer at the home of his distraught son, who authorities described as “very religious.”

“In the interview with the son, he was very, very, very distraught,” said Lt. Harold Rochon. “He is very religious, and he was hoping his father would be resurrected. He was hoping for a miracle.”

Police declined to release the son’s name, and said that they are not charging him. A neighbor described the son thusly: “He’s so quiet. He just goes in and out. He never had company.”

A funeral spokesman said that nothing seemed amiss during the funeral service. “People come in, they’re grieving,” he said. “We just try to comfort people.”

Tragedy can drive people to do some strange things, but I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone stealing their loved one’s body to resurrect them.