World’s Most Expensive Chocolate On Display At The International Festival Of Chocolate

Visitors and chocolate lovers who were attending the International Chocolate Festival in Obidos, Portugal were in for a sweet surprise when organizers unveiled a special presentation. At the event, the world’s most expensive chocolate bonbon was unveiled. With a price tag of approximately $9,489, the succulent piece of chocolate officially snagged the titled from the $250 “La Madeline au Truffe,” which was made by the Danish chocolate maker, Fritz Knipschildt, just last year. Guinness World Book of Records officially certified the piece of chocolate, playfully called the “Glorious,” as the new title holder for being the world’s most expensive chocolate.

According to a report from Reuters, the chocolate was created with the most expensive ingredients in the world. The main ingredient is equatorial black Valrhona chocolate, which is then mixed with saffron threads, white truffle oil, actual Perigord white truffles, 23-carat edible gold flakes, Madagascar vanilla, and an unannounced “secret” ingredient.

The diamond-shaped chocolate bonbons are coated with edible gold and served in an intricate package that in itself is already quite amazing. The chocolate bonbon is served in a black lacquered wooden base that contains a personalized serial number etched on a golden plate. The clear crystal cloche that encases the sweet and expensive delicacy is coated with 5,500 Swarovski crystals and pearl accents. The entire thing is then wrapped with a gold ribbon.

The creator of the “Glorious,” revealed during the event that he had actually worked on the chocolate for over a year. Apparently, there will be only 1,000 bonbons that will be created, with each one being sold in its own packaging. Buyers can apparently still keep the packaging around and display it as a “work of art” after they have already consumed what’s inside.

According to Times Now News, several buyers have already lined up to purchase the ridiculously expensive dessert. The exclusive chocolates are reportedly already on their way to specialty shops in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, and Russia. The limited edition chocolates are also so exclusive that sellers are not allowed to divulge the identity of its buyers after they are sold.