'Sister Wives' Tell-All Preview: Kody Brown Doesn't Want To Be Intimate With Meri Anymore

Abi Ong

This Sunday, Sister Wives Season 11 will culminate in the much-awaited two-part Tell-All episode where Kody Brown and his four wives all sit together to discuss issues raised this season. The sneak peek of the upcoming episode, as reported by People, shows Kody candidly admitting that his relationship with first wife Meri has hit a major roadblock.

The host asked about the episode in which Kody was seen talking on the phone with a reporter and he blurted out that Meri may be his wife, but they no longer "cohabitate." Kody explained that he made that comment because he was "feeling snarky" against the anti-polygamy law, which was the main issue of the episode. Meri, however, has mixed feelings about Kody's confession.

"Part of me was like, 'wait, we don't need to share every little bit of information about our lives.' But at the same time, it's time to start being real and honest," the 47-year-old wife said in the Tell-All.

In a tense moment of the interview, Kody was asked if he wants to fix his relationship with his first wife, and if he wanted to be intimate with her again. Drawing a deep breath, the 49-year-old polygamist honestly answered that he's still at the point where he doesn't want intimacy with Meri.


Kody and Meri's marriage began to crumble right before the eyes of Sister Wives fans. The previous seasons of the reality show documented the time when Kody legally divorced his first wife to be able to marry his last, Robyn Brown, and adopt her children from her previous marriage. Feeling slighted, Meri turned to a guy she met online for support and started an emotional affair. Later on, she discovered that she has been scammed and the person was actually a woman.

This season, Meri was shown to be more distant not only from Kody but also from her three sister wives. As recapped by The Hollywood Gossip, the latest episode revealed that Meri was the only wife who wasn't there when Maddie gave birth to the polygamous family's first grandchild. While Janelle (Maddie's biological mom and Kody's second wife) insisted that they did not intentionally keep Meri away from Maddie's delivery, Meri still felt left out.

"The hurt that I felt had to do with sister wives and Kody, because there are four of them who could have said, 'Hey, wait a second, an important piece is missing.'"

"I want more of a relationship with him than we're having right now," the reality star said.

"Two parties wanting to work toward it. I think it's a lot of work."