Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend Finally Speaks Up, Talks About Insults, Wedding Plans, And Matt

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Chris Marek, boyfriend of Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff, has finally spoken up about how his life has been since getting into a relationship with the reality star. Marek sat down for an interview with an entertainment and gossip website and shared some interesting details about him, Amy, and Matt.

The photographer-turned-real estate agent opened up to Radar Online in an exclusive interview about a number of things, particularly his relationship with Amy, her ex-husband Matt, and the hatred he has been getting from people, especially on social media.

Marek is not that popular with some fans of the TV show and the Roloff family, in particular, and they haven’t been shy about sharing their views on the 54-year-old. Most of these critics think Marek is only after fame and fortune, especially after it was revealed that Amy has a net worth of $4.5 million, according to In Touch Weekly.

Marek has been called names before by Little People, Big World fans. Chris has been accused of being a gold digger and a fame seeker a number of times while some called him “creepy” and a “snake,” as reported in another Inquisitr article.

Marek is apparently not immune to the hurtful words he has received on social media. The Portland State University alum said he has no idea why people hate him so much.

Marek also talked about Amy’s former husband Matt. He said Amy was worried about the two men meeting and that the LPBW matriarch wanted him to keep his distance from Matt.

“To be honest, Amy was concerned in the beginning about how Matt and I might interact but no concerns about that now,” Marek said.

It’s inevitable that Chris and Matt would meet especially since Amy still lives on the farm. Amy also brings Chris along to family gatherings and the two men’s paths eventually crossed during one of those events.

The last time Chris and Matt met was at the art show of Jacob’s fiancée, Isabel Rock. According to Radar Online, things were a little awkward between Matt and Amy as they brought their respective partners to the event. Marek, however, insists there’s nothing to be worried about.

“Everything is good. Matt and I get along fine.”

One thing Little People, Big World fans are dying to know is if Chris and Amy are planning to get married. There have been rumors that the couple is already engaged since Amy has been seen a number of times wearing what seems like a diamond ring, according to Pop Culture.

Marek has denied that he and Amy are getting married, The Hollywood Gossip reported.

“No, we aren’t engaged,” Marek said. “Everything is good. Everything is strong, but not at this time.”

While Chris said there are no immediate plans to get married, his statement did leave an impression that wedding bells may be in their future, The Hollywood Gossip pointed out.

“Nothing major is happening now. But we have a cruise coming up next month – that’s the biggest thing happening in the near future that we are excited about,” Marek said.