'Venom' Star Tom Hardy Speaks Up About Eddie Brock's Suit Rumors, Calls Them 'Asinine' On Social Media

There is little doubt that people are looking forward to seeing Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom film which will focus on the comic book antihero who once started out as Spider-Man's nemesis. However, the Sony flick has been plagued with some controversy on whether the character will actually don his iconic black costume from the comics. Luckily, the Dunkirk star has addressed the rumors, stating that there is no truth behind the alleged leaked information.

Not much is known about Venom just yet, especially since the teaser only offers brief glimpses at some action sequences as well as a quick shot of Eddie Brock struggling while stuck in a CAT scan. However, there have been reports alleging that Tom Hardy will only wear the character's comic book suit in the last few minutes of the film. Not surprisingly, Hardy has decided to speak up about the rumors on his official Instagram account.

Tom Hardy recently posted an interesting image featuring the Venom logo with the label "face eater." There is nothing unusual about the photo but the Taboo star also added a caption that pointed at rumors about Eddie Brock's Venom suit. Hardy wrote that the so-called "myths" were "asinine" and were being spread by "those who have failed to garner credible intel."

So does this mean that Venom is more than just an origin story that explores how Eddie Brock ended up bonding with the alien symbiote? A Reddit post has previously revealed the film's plot summary, which offers details about how Brock spends most of his time being observed by a government facility. Although it is possible that the Venom suit will make an appearance early on in the film, Tom Hardy's character could struggle with taking control of it before the movie's climax. Nevertheless, there is hope that Venom will be more than just Hardy brooding over the character's fate.
Venom also stars The Greatest Showman actress Michelle Williams, who will portray Ann Weying. In the comic books, Eddie Brock's ex-wife also bonds with the symbiote and becomes the first She-Venom. It is still unclear whether Williams will also wear the suit in the film.

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Venom is scheduled for release on October 5.