Jeremy Renner’s Baby Joy Awkward, Ex-Girlfriend Is Pregnant [Report]

Jeremy Renner’s new baby news stems from a strange report out of the Golden Globes, but it’s not your typical publicist statement sort of deal.

News that Jeremy Renner is expecting a baby with a girlfriend is somewhat more complex, and the report is apparently unconfirmed as of yet from anyone representing the Avengers star.

According to Us Weekly, Renner and Eva Longoria were discussing the issue while attending the Golden Globes, and that’s where the information leaked.

While Jeremy is very quiet about his private life and rarely talks to press about any details of it, some well-planted spies overheard the alleged conversation.

It appears only a snippet sparked the Jeremy Renner baby report, with the mag relaying some choice details given by the eavesdroppers. Spies say that Renner was overheard saying, ” … I’m going to fly in when her water breaks,” to which Longoria replied, “I’m so blown away.”

Us did some digging and alleges that “multiple sources” confirm Jeremy Renner does indeed have a secret baby mama, and that the unnamed woman and Hawkeye “used to date but it wasn’t serious.” (Can you get any more serious than co-parenting?)

Jeremy Renner Steve McQueen

An insider tells the mag that Renner is “being ultra-secretive about it … but she has been going on about her life and not hiding it.” No official comment has been made by reps for Jeremy Renner about the baby report and rumors, and it’s unclear what may have preceded the overheard snippet of conversation or whether any bits confirmed the story.