‘Big Brother’ Winner Jordan Lloyd Shares Exciting News

Big Brother players Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd won America’s heart. They met and fell in love while playing the game. Initially, Schroeder and Lloyd weren’t pegged to last. After several ups and downs, the two finally married. Now, there is more exciting news for the growing family.

It has been nearly a decade since the two met on Season 11 of Big Brother. Jordan Lloyd won the season, surprising viewers. Jeff Schroeder took home America’s favorite prize that season as well. They have become fixtures on the Big Brother scene and returned to play again just two seasons later. Earlier today, the couple announced something exciting. According to Us Weekly, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are expecting another baby.

The announcement came as a surprise to Big Brother fans who have been following the couple. Jeff Schroeder announced the big news on the YouTube news series he hosts. Jordan Lloyd appeared with him and their son, Lawson, was the one who delivered the announcement with his shirt. The couple welcomed their son in 2016 and will be welcoming their second child in September. Lloyd revealed that she is 16 weeks into the pregnancy and they have not yet found out the sex of the baby.

After meeting and falling in love during Season 11 of Big Brother, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd became household names. He still has ties to the show, but she has taken a step back and is working on raising their son. They join other couples who have met on the show and went on to marry and have children. This is an odd occurrence for Big Brother but it has happened a couple of times.

In the coming weeks, there will likely be updates from Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd regarding baby No. 2. Big Brother will be back this fall with another brand new season and Schroeder might tag along for the ride. He has done the backyard interviews and other things for CBS and the show. There is plenty of excitement surrounding the news of another baby on the way for the couple. Jeff and Jordan are synonymous with Big Brother, and it will likely remain that way.