Ariel Winter Opens Up About Coping With Mental Illness

Modern Family star Ariel Winter recently started attending classes at UCLA, causing concern among fans that she was quitting acting. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Winter shares, she will always love acting, but sometimes the attention gets to be a little too much. When the limelight gets too bright, Ms. Winter revealed that she likes to have a place to go and collect herself.

Ariel Winter Breaks from Her Studies

In an interview with People, Ariel revealed that she's currently taking a break from her UCLA duties, because she felt a little overwhelmed by her hectic schedule. She also confessed that she missed being on the set, so she wanted to take on some new acting opportunities.

The 20-year-old Modern Family actress said she isn't giving up on school. She just felt the need for a break. Winter stressed the importance of education and vowed that she planned to return to resume her studies.

"I love being there. I love learning," Ariel said. "I will continue to keep learning."

Ariel Winter Dishes on Her Anxiety

While Ariel may enjoy acting, she confessed to Entertainment Tonight that she's over the attention. Except in cases where she's supporting her own project, or that of a friend, Winter prefers to avoid red carpet events altogether. She says she'd rather stay home and away from the intrusive cameras.

The Modern Family actress also hinted that her anxiety compels her to miss events, as well. She said the wealthy and famous suffer from mental illness just as much as anyone else, so she asked fans to try to understand that. She went on to say that she feels certain that everyone struggles with mental illness to some degree. Winter said that shouldn't be viewed as a weakness, but just as a fact of being human.

When asked how she deals with her own anxiety, Ms. Winter admitted that therapy is helpful.

"You try to center yourself in reality and talk to people that love you...I go to therapy and I think therapy is great."

Ariel Winter is a strong advocate of therapy, suggesting everyone should see a therapist. She believes in the benefits, having experienced them for herself. In Ariel's case, however, she added that staying away from the paparazzi is also beneficial. She says staying away from the media circus has helped her regain control of her life.

Ariel Winter stars alongside Burt Reynolds in The Last Movie Star, which opens in theaters on March 30.