'Chicago Fire' Actress DuShon Monique Brown Dead At Age 49

Mandy Robinson

Shocking news is out tonight that DuShon Monique Brown of Chicago Fire has died at the young age of 49. TMZ shared the news that she passed away on Friday, March 23, 2018. Reports are that she suffered an apparent heart attack. Sources for the site explained the details, saying that just a few days ago she admitted herself to the hospital. At the time, she was suffering from really bad chest pains.

DuShon Monique Brown wasn't actually at the hospital when she died. They released her and sent her home and then things went downhill. She had a cardiac episode on Friday while at her home and ended up passing away. Obviously, they didn't feel like there was any reason to keep her at the hospital or they would not have let her go home.

She has been a part of the show since it started in 2012. Even though DuShon Monique Brown was not a main character on the show, the fans know who she is and recognize her right away. She played Connie, the assistant to Chief Boden. It will be interesting to see how the show will pay tribute to her. If you don't remember her from Chicago Fire, then you could remember her from the hit show Prison Break, where she also appeared for several years. The fans loved her on both shows and are going to social networks to express how sad they are about the loss of her life.

Fans will get the chance to see her in Public Housing Unit, a film about Chicago police officers, when it is released. She already filmed this movie, but it hasn't been released yet and will be coming out later this year. DuShon Monique Brown is leaving behind one daughter and, of course, a ton of people who loved her and worked with her, as well as fans who are sad to see her go so soon.