Kendra Caldwell Duggar And Joe Duggar Reveal Their Baby's Due Date

Joe and Kendra Duggar announced at Christmas that the pair would be expecting a baby. Not long afterward, they told eagerly awaiting fans that they would be having a baby boy, another in a long line of male children in the Duggar family. Now, Kendra Duggar has told fans when her baby is due in an interview with Us Magazine.

The second Duggar wife will be expecting to deliver her first child on Father's Day, which is June 17. She and sister-in-law Jinger Duggar Vuolo are both expecting and due around the same time; however, it was previously revealed that Jinger is due in July, therefore Kendra will likely deliver before her sister-in-law.

The new reality TV star told the magazine that she and husband Joe Duggar want as many kids as the Lord will give them, meaning they are likely abstaining from using birth control and will try to have as many kids as possible. Joe's mother, Michelle Duggar, is famous for giving birth to 19 children, though she has also suffered at least two known miscarriages. Joe's sister, Joy-Anna, who tied the knot just a few months before he did, stated that she and her husband also want as many children as the Lord will give them.

Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell Duggar have known one another for many years, their families being close friends for a long time before the pair even thought about courting. Kendra's parents are also followers of the Quiverfull movement but have fewer than 10 children compared to the Duggar family's 19. She is the eldest of her family, while Joe is the seventh in the Duggar line-up.

The pair's courting and engagement has been chronicled on Counting On during the previous and current season of the show. This coming Monday, their wedding will be a two-hour special for fans to enjoy.

In a recent episode of Counting On, Kendra was seen trying on dresses for her wedding. Her dress was custom made by a woman in Kentucky, and she tried on various skirts to match the top of her dress to make the perfect outfit for her big day.