Another Member Of The Duggar Family Church Comes Forward To Detail Shocking Abuse, According To 'In Touch'

The Duggar family is strictly religious, but not everyone is aware that they belong to the church IBLP or Institute of Basic Life Principles run by Bill Gothard. The sect has been highly controversial, especially after a long string of young women came forward accusing Gothard of sexual harassment and abuse. Eyebrows have been raised when it comes to the way the Duggar family treated their son Josh's molestation scandal and the fact that Anna Duggar stayed with him, despite having been cheated on several times.

An anonymous user on Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" claims to have been a member of the Duggar's church growing up and had some pretty chilling things to say about her time in the church. The story was also picked up via In Touch Weekly, which highlighted some of her comments.

She alleges that she was told divorce is never okay, even if her husband beat her bloody every day, which likely explains why Anna Duggar stays in her marriage to Josh. The anonymous Reddit user stated that her mother also told her that if her husband beats her, then she should pray to God, who can hopefully intervene and ensure that he doesn't continue doing so.

It has been stated before that many are concerned by the fact that the Duggar children cannot be alone with their partner before they get married. They also often marry one of the first people they're ever in a relationship with, which complicates matters, and often marry at such a young age that some people worry they don't even know what they're looking for.

The anonymous woman also stated that she thought it was "BS" that people were "sentenced to hell" for really trivial matters, such as cursing or sleeping in too late in the mornings.

She also stated that she began thinking about when she would get married around the age of 11, which was common with IBLP members, as it is often thought of as the pinnacle of young people's lives. Women are trained from a young age to be ready to be a mother and wife, and not much else, which the religion has been highly criticized for.