Bill Clinton Insists On An Open Marriage With Hillary, Claims White House Insider Mark Penn

A White House insider who worked on Bill and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaigns is coming clean about all their dirty secrets. In his new book, author Mark Penn claims that Bill insisted on an open marriage, even though Hillary didn't want it.

According to Radar Online, Bill pretty much forced the idea of an open marriage on Hillary, who was not supportive of the concept. But following Bill's multiple cheating scandals with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers, Hillary didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

"It's not hard to conclude that Bill and Hillary Clinton didn't have at least a one-way open marriage. Perhaps it was not by choice, but the stories accumulated over the years until the fact of it became apparent," Penn shared. "There was also no question that at the same time their relationship was deep and enduring. If this was the model of the first couple, what did it mean for the rest of the country?"

Penn added that there is still a lot of tension between Bill and Hillary, but they never adequately address it. Instead, Hillary has remained faithful to her husband, mostly because it served her own political agenda. In fact, Hillary has always spoken highly of Bill in interviews and has never bashed him for sleeping around.

Bill confessed to having an affair with Lewinsky back in 1998, but he only came clean about it after the news broke. Hillary has opened up about Bill's wandering eye on more than one occasion, though she always paints him in a good light. Fox News claimed she also always assured her fans that they have forgiven each other for past wrongs and have developed a strong marriage as a result.

Penn worked closely with Bill during his two bids for the presidency and was one of Clinton's top strategists during the 2008 presidential primaries. His new book, Microtrends Squared, was just released this week. His comments on Bill and Hillary are featured in a chapter about open marriages, which he believes is a Hollywood fad that will go away.

Bill and Hillary have not commented on Penn's shocking claims.

Bill has a long history of cheating on Hillary. Apart from Flowers and Lewinsky, Bill settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court in 1999. The former president paid Paula Jones an unknown amount of money to get her to drop the charges.

Bill was also accused of sexual harassment by three other female friends between 1977 and 1993. This includes Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Leslie Millwee.

Broadrick said that Bill raped her in 1977, but didn't come clean about the incident until 1999. She said that Hillary intimidated her to keep her from talking. The story was first published by NBC, though the network did not release the report until after Clinton's impeachment trial was over.

As fans will recall, Bill Clinton was impeached, but Congress voted not to remove him from office.