Melania Trump ‘Not Sure What To Do Next’ After Karen McDougal Interview, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal cried and apologized to Melania Trump for allegedly engaging in an adulterous affair with Donald Trump starting in 2006, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Barron Trump was a young baby. Now, the fallout and alleged response from Melania to Karen’s Anderson Cooper 360 interview is being revealed. On Twitter, “Melania Trump divorce” is a search suggestion, indicating the popularity of the phrase.

According to Hollywood Life, Melania allegedly soaked up the “sordid details” of McDougal’s interview, wherein Karen told Cooper that she was in love with Trump and that Donald allegedly told her many times that he loved Karen back. McDougal even described being in the married couple’s Trump Tower apartment and seeing Melania’s bedroom.

McDougal’s interview allegedly caused Melania to become angrier than ever; however, Melania was photographed putting on a brave face and smiling as she left the stage of the International Women of Courage awards on Friday, March 23 at the State Department in Washington. Melania is expected to travel to Mar-a-Lago with President Trump on Friday, with the couple leaving D.C. at 5 p.m. en route to Palm Beach, according to the White House’s Office of the Press Secretary.

McDougal spoke in her interview about being photographed with Donald Trump and Melania during one event — and keeping her distance from Melania.

However, a source that Hollywood Life calls a D.C. insider claims that Melania is beyond angry and does not know what her next move should be.

“Melania is livid after hearing the Karen McDougal interview. She is furious with Donald and really struggling with everything Karen told Anderson. Melania feels humiliated after listening to the details of her husband’s possible infidelity. While Melania does not want to believe that Donald carried on this alleged affair with Karen, she has little faith or trust in him after hearing the interview. She is angry and not sure what to do next.”

Karen was largely called seemingly credible as a consensus by viewers of the interview in the wake of the explosive and revealing talk with Cooper. Among the many allegations about her time with Trump, McDougal stated that Trump did not allegedly wear protection when they had sex. Karen stated that her alleged adulterous affair with Trump lasted for 10 months and was serious, with McDougal entertaining the thought of a possible future marriage.

The White House, meanwhile, has claimed that Trump did not have an affair with Karen.