According to ‘Krypton’ There’s A Chance Superman May Have African-American Bloodlines

The history of Superman is well documented throughout time in either comics, TV shows or movies. However, the history of his bloodlines has been pushed to the side just a bit, that is until the recent premiere of Krypton. In the new show on SYFY, it chronicles the life of Superman’s grandfather and great grandfather’s studies while on the planet of Krypton before Kal-El was born.

While it was interesting to see the beginning of his story, what stood out the most is what may have slipped the eyes of many. While critics have bashed the pilot, there are some, according to CBR, who suggest Krypton may be the best of the bunch.

Superman’s grandfather Seg-El and his family are looked upon as outcast on Krypton, but to his girlfriend Lyta Zod, he’s just the man she loves. Later on in the episode, Seg-El saves the lives of the same LawMakers who sent his grandfather to death in the opening scene of Krypton. For his good deed, Seg was given back his rank and was offered the daughter of Daron-Vex (Nyssa) to bind with.

As Nyssa and Seg were given a glimpse into who their child will be, a name was given, Kor-Vex. But after some investigation on my part, Seg only had two sons, and neither was named Kor-Vex. This is where it gets a bit interesting as far as Superman’s bloodlines are concerned.

Seg is in love with Lyta, and while Krypton has us believing that women no longer carry children in their wombs, they never said it couldn’t happen. If Jor-El (Superman’s father) is not one of the offspring of Seg and Nyssa, then who is his mother? After Seg came from the Oracle with Nyssa, he would end up making love, the old-fashioned way to Lyta who just happens to be black. What if? With this being the first episode, there is still more to come, and things may change, but for now, Krypton may have let the cat out the bag that Superman has a trace of African-American blood in him.

Even though Lyta is a Zod and Seg an El, whose to say they can’t sneak off and get married and start a family? From the pilot episode, we know that both Lyta and Seg are rebellious and will do whatever to be together. Even with Lyta’s mother responsible for killing Seg’s mother and father, they still share a bond.

As long as we’ve read and watched Superman, his bloodline has always been one of a white superhero. But after watching Krypton, it gives off the impression that Superman could be part black. Yes, I know it may seem impossible, but in the world of comics-turned TV shows or movies, nothing is impossible.

There is a good chance that Jor-El could very well be the offspring of Lyta and Seg-El.