Woman Flogged By Husband For Adultery In Front Of A Mob Who Tried To Rape Her After

A woman was filmed receiving lashes from her husband after it was learned that she had eloped with her lover. The woman was tied to a tree while she was being flogged in front of people in the Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The incident happened on March 10, local police confirmed on Thursday, according to Hindustan Times. After reportedly receiving 100 lashes, the woman eventually collapsed. Footage of the grim punishment was posted online and spread quickly, which then led to the arrest of the woman's husband, Shaudan, and his son, Shravansinh. In the video, the woman can be seen with her hands tied up while beaten by what is believed to be a belt that belonged to her husband. Each time she receives a hit, the woman can be heard screaming in agony.

Not only did the woman receive severe physical punishment, but she was also reportedly molested by a group of men after she collapsed from her injuries. When she regained consciousness, the men reportedly asked the woman not to tell the police before fleeing the scene.

The woman filed a complaint against her husband a week after the incident and once she recovered from her injuries. Bulandshahr police superintendent Praveen Ranjan Singh confirmed that a case has been filed against 18 people, 12 of whom are still unidentified. Police are still on the hunt for the other accused.

A woman was flogged after her husband learned that she had a lover.

According to the woman's statement, it was true that she did have a boyfriend she eloped with. She said that she ran away with her neighbor Dharmendra Lodhi on March 5. The couple stayed at Lodhi's relatives' house in a different village. Five days later, a group of people from the woman's own village came to her and convinced her to go back to her husband, who happens to be a former head of the village, and start with a clean slate.

When she returned home, there was already a meeting among village elders to decide what punishment she would receive -- and flogging 100 times in public was agreed upon. Although certain members of the community objected to the punishment, they had no say and the village carried on with the punishment anyway. As reported, the husband flogged his wife because he only wanted to "teach a lesson to the woman."

The video, which contains violent content and may be disturbing for some viewers, is currently available on YouTube.