Meghan Markle ‘Fascinated’ By Royal Life, Friends Say She Had Her ‘Eye On The Throne’, Reports ‘Radar’

It’s not uncommon for little girls to dream about becoming a princess, but while she was still a commoner growing up in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle apparently took the idea to the next level. Was the former Suits actress desperate for royalty long before she met Prince Harry?

In her new book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, author Katie Nicholl claims that as a kid, Markle practically studied life at Kensington Palace. The 36-year-old apparently knew a lot about Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother, and would watch the royal wedding of Diana and Prince Charles on videotape, according to Radar Online.

Nicholl also reveals that it was such a known fact among her friends that Markle was fascinated with British royalty, that it made gift-giving easy. Sonia Ardakani, the mother of one of Markle’s childhood friends, says she often gifted the actress books about Princess Diana for her to read.

Ninaki Priddy, one of Markle’s friends growing up, says that the future royal always had her eyes on the throne.

“She had one of Princess Diana’s books (Diana: Her True Story) on her bookshelf,” Priddy recalled. “I know the royal family was something she found fascinating.”

Radar Online claims during his “wild child” single days, Harry had his sights on a few different A-list actresses – including Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson – but it was Markle who ended up stealing his heart.

Prince Harry will marry Markle on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and the American actress will become the first ever mixed-race royal.

However, even though they both have substantial assets, there will not be a prenuptial agreement between the two because it is not a common practice in the United Kingdom.

British courts cannot enforce prenups, and historically, members of the British royal family have not signed them. They aren’t without purpose, though. Judges do consider them during divorce proceedings, but they do not carry near the weight that they do in the American court system.

Harry has a substantial bank account thanks to the trust fund that his mother left him. And, after seven seasons on Suits, Markle’s finances are strong too. But, with his money being in a trust, there is an extra level of protection and it may not be eligible for division during a divorce.

The couple has extremely limited living expenses since they live rent-free at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, can use the royal collection to furnish and decorate, and enjoy huge discounts on cars from Audi.

This means that they can spend their money on the fun things in life without burning through their fortunes.

So, it kind of makes sense that the royal couple wouldn’t sign a prenup, but in the likely event that they do, chances are the public would never find out about it.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sent out their official wedding invitations this week.