Todd Hoffman’s ‘Gold Rush’ Replacement: New Mine Boss Will Be Announced On ‘Parker’s Trail’ Friday

When Todd Hoffman shocked Gold Rush fans by announcing that he, his son Hunter, and father, Jack, were all leaving the Discovery show, fans asked who would now replace this original mine boss. On Friday, March 23, during the preview of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, they will make the announcement who will be the new mine boss. Who did Discovery pick?

According to Monsters and Critics, they believe that Hunter Hoffman is keen on connoting his mining adventure. Besides Hunter, who else could possibly replace the ever-popular Todd Hoffman? There are a handful of capable options.

Hunter Hoffman

On February 16, Todd Hoffman appeared on a special live episode of Gold Rush in order to announce that he, along with his son and father, were all leaving the Discovery Channel show.

“My father Jack, and my son Hunter and team Hoffman are…we’re not going to be back on Gold Rush — maybe never again.”

On the show since the first season, Todd has always claimed that the idea for Gold Rush was his, so it would be hard to believe that Season 9 will not follow a Hoffman crew.

Back in November, while speaking to Monsters and Critics, Hunter indicated that he was preparing to eventually “take the reins” from his dad one day and start his own operation.

“Yeah, I mean as you can see with this season and the few episodes that have come out, I’m kind of stepping up, taking charge, and kind of taking over my own piece of the company and the operation here.”

Sounds like Hunter is a strong possibility, even with Todd announcing that Hunter was leaving the show. It would be great to see Hunter and his grandpa Jack Hoffman work together, but his dad may have other plans with his new reality shows.

Todd Hoffman’s new production company, Zum Media, plans on launching the show Greenhorn Gold. Todd may want his son, who he boasts is “better looking than Bieber,” as part of his new project.

Dave Turin

Dave Turin was Todd Hoffman’s right-hand man for most of the first seven seasons of Gold Rush. It was a fight with Trey Poulson that kept him from returning for Season 8.

As he explained to Life & Style, Dave Turin explained that he could not work with someone who didn’t act with respect.

“No amount of money or gold is worth working with a disrespectful crew member. Time for me to move on and put this behind me … Can’t work with someone that uses his fist rather than words. It’s time for me to move on.”

Instead of helping the Hoffman crew salvage their disastrous season at Fairplay, Colorado, Turin mined gold with his own in Nevada last summer.

Since he is still mining, does this mean he will return to Gold Rush?

After Todd made his announcement, a fan asked “Dozer Dave” on his Facebook page whether he would replace Todd. Dave answered in the negative.

“No. Working on other projects – possibly for tv.”

So, it appears that Dave won’t be back on Gold Rush, but maybe he will have something else, like his own show soon?

Freddy Dodge

Freddy Dodge has been part of Gold Rush since Season 1 as a wash plant and gold recovery expert. Freddy has been part of the Hoffman Crew off and on for several years now.

After the Guyana disaster, Freddy and his brother Derek mined at Carmacks with some big success.

He is the guy who brought the crew to Colorado and essentially saved Season 7, and he certainly knows how to find gold. Freddy Dodge is definitely a contender for being selected as the new Gold Rush mine boss.

Dakota Boys

Dakota Fred Hurt and son Dustin have wowed people on their return to Discovery on Gold Rush: White Water. Fred was an original miner in the first season of the show, and along with Dustin, there was a huge void when the fan favorites departed from Gold Rush.

Then, the Dakota Boys returned to Discovery, and it has been a huge success.

Fred recently went to Facebook Live to thank fans for watching White Water. He explained that Discovery was quite surprised at how successful the ratings were for this new show.

Fred and Dustin have a gold mining dream and really love to share it with fans. Based on social media, it appears that the Dakota Boys want to continue with the second season of White Water. They also have the movie, Gold Blooded, available for viewing on Amazon. So, could the Dakota Boys possibly be willing to return to Gold Rush?

Rick Ness

Parker Schnabel’s right-hand man Rick Ness is clearly ready to be the leading star in his own operation. A fan favorite, the former musician could be one of the most popular choices as a mining boss.

In Season 8 of Gold Rush, Rick and Parker had some differences of opinion, which may lead Rick into thinking it is time to do his own thing.

When Rick left for a week to visit his sick mother, Parker rearranged the set-up, something that Rick was not too happy to see when he did return.

If they were on competing crews, there would be a very exciting rivalry, as both Rick and Parker are hard-working and competitive miners.

Parker and Rick will next be seen on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, where, based on clips, Rick Ness spends a lot of time cracking jokes and hysterically avoiding spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Rick Ness also has to tell something to Parker Schnabel. Does this mean Rick Ness is becoming his own crew boss? Could this have been the last time the two worked together?

Gene Cheeseman

Gene Cheeseman, who previously worked for Parker Schnabel, only to jump ship to Parker’s nemesis, Tony Beets, is also a fan favorite. His talent in working with machines and problem-solving has entertained Gold Rush fans for years.

Then, this past season, Gene was missing altogether. There were rumors that he wanted to spend more time with his family, but he was at the Discovery recap show a week ago. Was this a clue that Gene is the new Gold Rush mining boss?