March 22, 2018
Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Reunion? 'Gossip Cop' Throws Cold Water On Rumors Of Couple Secretly Hooking Up

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are apparently not getting back together, no matter what you might have read about the couple online.

Aniston's recent split from Justin Theroux led to a rash of rumors and anonymous sources claiming that she and Brad Pitt could be destined for a reunion. There were varied rumors from all corners of the internet, including one from the Indian Express (by way of another celebrity gossip site called Ace Showbiz) that George Clooney was playing matchmaker, helping Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston meet for hookups. But Gossip Cop is throwing the brakes on those rumors.

The site, which debunks celebrity gossip reports, claims there is no truth at all to the rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been hooking up. The report uncovered a series of "fake news" claims about Jen and Brad, starting at Star magazine and New Idea and echoing in slightly different iterations through a series of other celebrity news sites.

The fake reports are nothing new for either Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt. Both have been popular targets for celebrity gossip sites, with near-constant stories that their respective marriages were falling apart. While both Jen and Brad did end up getting divorced, these celebrity news sites had months and sometimes years of incorrect stories before that finally happened.

There has been plenty of focus on Jennifer Aniston after she announced her split with Justin Theroux. A recent report from E! News claims that both Jen and Justin are determined to move on quickly with their lives after the split. An unnamed insider claimed that Jen was staying close to her circle of friends around Los Angeles while Justin remained in New York -- with disagreements about where to live reportedly a major reason behind the split.

"She does private yoga sessions at her house and has most people come to her," the source said of Jennifer Aniston. "She has been busy socially, going out to dinner with friends and celebrating birthdays. She gets her weekly facials and loves having dinner at Sunset Tower."

Brad Pitt has kept busy as well, with a series of projects in various stages of production including a World War Z sequel.

Despite the (now debunked) series of reports, there is no indication that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have any real plans to reunite.