March 22, 2018
Scout Willis' Bikini Selfie Is Interrupted By Armpit Hair: Underarms Of Demi Moore's Daughter Steal Headlines

Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, posted a new bikini selfie, and everyone's talking about it -- for other reasons.

Teen Vogue reported that Scout's latest bikini selfie attracted attention not only because of her slender figure but also because of her unshaven underarms, which she displayed proudly for her fans and followers. In this photo, her bikini bod took a backseat to her hairy underarms.

The magazine shared that they understand how the decision to shave your underarms is a personal one, but at the same time, they reminded their readers of the beauty standards of today. They suggested, "hairless underarms are still an undeniable beauty standard placed upon women." So when they saw Scout's latest post, they "took notice" of this selfie. Other publications, such as the Daily Mail, paid attention to Scout's post as well.

There's no color description of her swimsuit or even a mention of her athletic frame anywhere in the headlines that reported about Scout's selfie. It appears the typical description usually seen in a bikini selfie headline has been interrupted by the armpit hair.

Apparently, Scout isn't alone in her decision to keep her armpits natural. Her sister Willow has been seen with her armpit hair confidently displayed in photos. It isn't just a trend in the Willis family, as other celebrities, such as Kiersy Clemons, have displayed their unshaven armpits for the camera.

Along with the few notable names who are proud to display their natural body hair, there are others in the general population who do so as well. A teenager named Lalonie Davis also shared a picture of herself on Instagram where her armpit hair was exposed. She caught some backlash for this, with people calling her "lazy" and "gross."

Lalonie didn't take this body-hair-shaming lying down. She had words of retaliation for those who were mocking her. Lalonie slammed her critics and told them she has every right to not shave her armpits. She told them how shaming girls for this while ignoring boys armpit hair will never change her mind about what she does with her own body.

Getting back to Scout Willis, this is not an unusual pose for this young woman. It is not the first time that she's taken a selfie that seemed to highlight her underarm hair. She posted another bikini selfie almost two years ago, which is seen below. She's also posted many other photos on her Instagram account that show off her natural self.According to the Daily Mail, Willis has been with the Free the Nipple movement for quite some time now, and since you can't post a picture of nipples on social media, maybe she opted for the armpit hair bikini selfie instead. Even when she goes shopping her armpit hair takes top billing as well. This is seen below in a tweeted photo from an article published by Hollywood Life.