March 22, 2018
'Celebrity Big Brother' Marissa Spills Tea On Omarosa, 'CBB US' Production, And Disses Trump [Video]

Celebrity Big Brother winner Marissa Jaret Winokur spilled some tea on the most infamous CBB US houseguest, Omarosa, while chatting with Domenick Nati on iHeart Radio show. Winokur critiqued the CBS reality show's production team, and talked Donald Trump and whether she'd ever accept an invitation to the White House. You can listen to the interview below and here are the key highlights.

CBB US Winner Mocks Lack Of Production

Nati asked the reality show winner if the "producers intentionally tried to stir up drama?" which is an interesting question because Big Brother fans like to debate whether production tries to tilt the game for or against certain players. It was a constant question in BB19 with Paul Abrahamian who always landed game-saving advantages.

Winokur denied production was stirring the pot and said, "Oh no, this is the most unproduced show ever" adding that "we didn't even see a producer" while they were in the Big Brother house. Instead, Winokur says the drama on BB is caused by being "locked up in a house with nothing else to do."

Admittedly, Celebrity Big Brother was tame when compared to other seasons with just a few catfights here and there, mostly centered around Brandi Glanville. Winokur said when she was on Dancing with the Stars, she spent time talking to producers. In contrast, she said you go into the Big Brother house and "never see another human again except for" fellow CBB US houseguests.

Spilling Tea On Omarosa

When asked about notorious CBB castmate Omarosa, Winokur sidestepped any talk about the villain's politics and said she "only knows her [Omarosa] as a reality star." The Broadway sensation joked that Omarosa has done "37 reality shows and she's always the villain" adding that the ex-White House staffer "terrified" her. Winokur said she never talked politics with Omarosa because it "wouldn't do either of them any good" although Winokur's ride or die Ross Matthews did.

When Domenick asked Marisa if she'd ever take Omarosa's old White House job, the Tony winner laughed and said "no, absolutely not" then added without prompting that she "wouldn't even sing at the White House." The host then asked if she'd vote for Omarosa if she ran for president. Winokur said Omarosa wants to go back to Florida to be with her preacher husband and "get out of that world."

CBB US cast

Overlooked Because Of Omarosa?

The iHeart Radio host also quizzed Marisa on whether she felt overlooked until she won CBB US because so much of the press and hype surrounding Celebrity Big Brother was about Omarosa. Marisa said she didn't feel overlooked and said she and Ross said to each other that Omarosa "has to stay on the show because we wanted people to watch the show." Winokur added that she's "an entertainer" and gets it.

She also said that Omarosa sticking around the Celebrity Big Brother house "kept millions of viewers watching to see what she was going to do." Winokur said she wanted those viewers watching and that there was no way to feel overlooked because they didn't know "who was paying attention." She said they knew if Omarosa was on the show then "people were watching the show."

In the last moments of the video below, you hear Marisa refusing to answer whether or not she voted for Donald Trump, but given that she said she'd never sing at the White House the implication is loud and clear. As a super fan, Marisa was thrilled to play the first-ever season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in the U.S., and winning on a 6-3 vote showed just how strong her social game was.

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