March 22, 2018
'Impeachment Now' Billboard May Greet President Donald Trump On The Way To Mar-A-Lago This Weekend

President Donald Trump is expected to travel to Mar-a-Lago on Friday, March 23, according to a "VIP Movement" alert that was issued by the FAA, as reported by the Inquisitr. Expected to stay until Sunday, March 25 – the day that Stormy Daniels' much-awaited 60 Minutes interview is scheduled to air on CBS – President Trump might catch a glimpse of a new billboard along the road to Mar-a-Lago, which calls for the president's impeachment.

As seen in the above photo from West Palm Beach, the new billboard reads, "Impeachment Now," with five red stars atop the wording and the year 2018 at the bottom of the billboard. It also changes President Trump's "Make America Great Again!" slogan to "Make America America Again!"

The anti-Trump "Impeachment Now" billboard that was erected near the president's Mar-A-Lago estate was photographed as early as March 19, in Florida. The billboard with the impeachment message for President Trump, as reported by WPEC, was paid for by the Mad Dog PAC, founded by Claude Taylor.

Taylor, who has served during three presidential campaigns, including in the White House under the administration of former President Bill Clinton, has gained a big Twitter following. The self-described "veteran political prankster" has been vociferous on Twitter about his Mad Dog PAC's progress in funding various billboards around the country.

Billboard reads,
Billboard reads, "Impeachment Now: Make America America Again!"

The Mad Dog PAC website displays a video showing the "Impeachment Now" billboard being erected. The site says that it "turns contributions from concerned citizens into arresting billboard campaigns to #EndTheNRA #FlipTheHouse & #ImpeachmentNow."

That specific billboard is expected to remain in its location on President Trump's motorcade route to Mar-a-Lago for approximately five weeks. Taylor noted that the billboard is insured against damage, an important fact, since the PAC paid approximately $5,000 for the billboard.

Taylor hopes that the billboard will spark conversation and catch the eye of President Trump, a man whom the PAC founder called a "careered criminal" and "a de-facto member of Russian organized crime [who] needs to be removed from office." Taylor went on to call Trump unfit and unstable for the office of the presidency. Claude Taylor admitted that he did not anticipate that the billboard would change the minds of Trump supporters, but he hopes President Trump will react to the "Impeachment Now" message.