March 30, 2018
New Historical Drama 'Jamestown' Debuts Tomorrow On Amazon And PBS

While Downton Abbey is clearly in the rearview mirror, and The Gilded Age won't drop in the United States until 2019, the historical drama Jamestown by the team who brought Downton to the small screen has perfect timing, streaming tomorrow on Amazon and PBS. Jamestown is a drama set in the early days of the Virginia Colony when the first female settlers touched down in the Jamestown Colony.

A press release from PBS explains that the new drama, Jamestown, is the story of three women who leave their "dark pasts" behind in England and take their chances at new lives in the Virginia Colony which is the great unknown. Jamestown is executive-produced by the production team behind Downton Abbey, Gareth Neame and Nigel Marchant, along with Richard Fell and Bill Gallagher.

PBS explains that Jamestown tells the stories of three women from very different backgrounds whose lives are put in the hands of the men who have paid their way to the new world.

Watch The First Jamestown Trailer From PBS

"Taking viewers back to 1619 Jamestown, Virginia, Alice, Verity, and Jocelyn are among the first women to arrive in the English colony. Duty bound to marry the three men who have paid for their passage to the New World, they have little idea of what the future holds or the disruption their arrival is about to bring."
T&C explains that Jamestown is an ensemble cast, much like Downton Abbey, starring Sophie Rundle, Niamh Walsh, Naomi Battrick, Max Beesley, Jason Flemyng, Kalani Queypo, Raoul Trujillo, and Gwilym Lee, who many Masterpiece fans will recognize as DS Charlie Nelson from the hit series Midsomer Murders.

Jamestown Tells The Story Of The Virginia Colony From A Woman's Perspective

So far, two seasons of Jamestown have aired on Sky Network in the U.K., and the series delves into everything from accusations of witchcraft to interactions with the Native American tribes.
"Twisting storylines follow the new arrivals as they make an immediate impact and are thrust into a new world of love, desire, power, and survival. While love triangles, bitter rivalries and fierce competition cause conflict for the residents, ultimately they are bound together by their resolute will to survive and thrive in their new lives."

Streaming Of Jamestown Starts March 23 On Amazon Prime Masterpiece Channel Or PBS Passport

IMDb shares summaries of the first season of episodes of Jamestown which has the three women touching down in Virginia to meet their prospective husbands who have paid their way across the Atlantic.

Jamestown has already aired in the United Kingdom, and for now, U.S. audiences will only be able to watch it on Amazon Prime through the Masterpiece Channel ($5.99/month) and on PBS through the PBS Passport (with an annual PBS donation of $60 minimum).