Monkey With Human Face Stuns Internet: Video Of Frantic-Looking Monkey Is Must-See

A monkey's face looks so human in a new viral video that people are having a hard time believing this isn't a doctored image of a primate. Some folks online are asking if this is really a person wearing some type of monkey costume, because the expressions seen on this creature are so human-like. Either way, this monkey with a human-like face is "breaking the internet" today as people swarm to the YouTube video to check it out, according to The Sun.

The video footage comes from a zoo in China, and because this primate has human-like features, the video has gone viral. The shocked and horrified facial expressions that are seen on this monkey have mesmerized the masses as people online are flocking to this the video, which is seen above.

While watching the video you can't help but notice how the eyes and the mouth of the monkey are making the same movements that a human would make. This primate is not alone, but he sits front and center in the video with the behaviors he is demonstrating.

This odd-looking monkey is housed in a northeast China zoo, and you can see in the video that he has his buddy with him. The animal looks into the camera with such a frantic expression that you can't look away. The video was posted on Weibo, which is the equivalent of Twitter in China.

Clips of the video, along with pictures of this monkey, are trending today with a hashtag of "monkey with a man's face." According to the Daily Mail, the video had over 1.3 million views in less than a day.

Some of the people online joked about the video and asked if they were mistaking the zookeeper for the monkey. Others asked in jest if this was a staff member at the zoo acting out. While the monkey, who looks horrified, is being filmed on this video, people are heard laughing in the background.

The Daily Mail cites one commenter who thought the monkey was trying to tell "us something" with his eyes. Another commented that the animal looks "lost" with that expression. Fox & Friends showed the clip during their show on Wednesday morning, and they questioned if this video was real or doctored in some way.

After a short discussion, the consensus was they didn't care. The video was so entertaining to watch, whether it was a creation made by nature or one that was manmade. Zheng Kaijie, who was a visitor at the zoo this week, confirmed that this monkey was being kept in Tianjin Zoological Gardens.

Kaijie was at the zoo on March 18 and said that while he didn't remember the name of the monkey species, it was a "special one." He was housed with another monkey who "looked fine," but there was something very different about the monkey, who is the star of this video. He also said he believed the monkey with the human-like face is an adult while the other one is a baby.