Oregon Woman Accused Of Cooking Pet Chihuahua Alive

Patricia Ramirez

A 28-year-old Warrenton, Oregon, woman has been arrested after allegedly cooking her pet Chihuahua alive in her kitchen oven. As the Daily Astorian reports, Noelle Moor was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly killing her 7-year-old Chihuahua on Monday evening; she has been charged with first-degree animal cruelty in connection with the alleged horrific crime.

According to local law enforcement, Tuesday's arrest was not the first time in recent weeks that they have been involved with Moor, who had recently received care at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, according to a police report connected to the animal cruelty arrest. The Oregon woman was arrested for allegedly killing her dog while being treated at Columbia Memorial Hospital. The cooking death of the Chihuahua was reported to local law enforcement by "a person close to Moor."

A comment on theDaily Astorian website, purportedly written by the Oregon woman's sister, indicates that Noelle Moor suffers from schizophrenia, adding that she was in the midst of an "episode" when she allegedly killed the Chihuahua, an animal named Bolt that she reportedly loved. The comment went on to explain that Moor had sought help for her condition and was "thrown out" of the institution she'd turned to.

"Her dog was her best friend and I am disgusted by what she did, but she believed her abusive ex boyfriend had possessed him and she was terrified. They never should have THROWN her out of the institution. She knew she needed help and now we are all suffering. Please keep her in your prayers. Shes the sweetest women I've ever met. When in her right mind she would never hurt a fly. My heart goes out to Bolt and my helping hand and compassion goes out to my beautiful sister."

"The smell of burnt hair and flesh was still in the air."