March 22, 2018
Melania Trump's 'Worst Fears' Emerge Among Kardashian Comparisons, Suggests 'W Magazine'

Melania Trump didn't want her family to turn into a Kardashian-like clan but according to a case made from comparisons of the two families, that ship has already sailed. W Magazine believes the Trump family has reached that destination as in many ways, they are just like the Kardashian family.

W reports that Melania Trump's worst fear is the Trump family turning into the Kardashians. A side-by-side comparison is made of some of the individual Trump and Kardashian family members along with some of the events surrounding the two families in an article the magazine published today.

One of the many comparisons includes Rob Kardashian and Tiffany Trump, who are both referred to as the "neglected siblings." Both the Trump and Kardashian families have a sibling who pretty much stays behind the scenes. As the Sun has reported a few years back, Tiffany has been referred to as the "forgotten Trump."

Tiffany Trump is seen as a counterpart to Rob Kardashian by W. He is the Kardashian sibling who is often missing from the family's reality show, as reported by the Daily Mail a while back. Keeping Rob away from the cameras is not something the family does, it is Rob's own desire that he is left alone.

Both families have scandals and divorces in the headlines in the past or present. The Trump family and the Kardashian family also both have reality shows in their histories.

Trump's self-promotion mirrors that of the Kardashian family, which is how they rose to fame. The Kardashian brood doesn't seem to possess singing, dancing or even acting talents that forged a space for them among the elite of Hollywood. They just live their everyday lives in front of a camera. Although many believe that Kim got her start with an allegedly leaked sex tape, suggests W.

Donald and Melania Trump

The magazine also compares Kim to Ivanka, who has never had such a scandal of her own but who has managed to navigate through her father's "less than positive presence in the public eye" to launch a career of her own. She did this long before 1600 Pennsylvania Ave became a destination for the Trump family.

As far as Trump goes, he has been influential in the stock market ups and downs. Then you have 20-year-old Kylie Jenner who recently "made a casual remark about Snapchat that ended up causing the company's stocks to plummet," suggests W.

As far as brands go, both families have their names on everything from bottled water to jewelry. This is yet another comparison made that shows the similarities between the two influential families.

Kardashian Family

W also suggests that both the Trump and Kardashian families have a powerful matriarch. They compare Melania Trump to Kris Jenner as having influence over some pretty powerful venues in life. Melania is the woman behind Trump's powerful presence. She is "rumored to wield much more power in the White House than anyone thought, influencing her husband and therefore policy," suggests W.

Not to mention how just the holding her husband's hand can change the narrative around the recent scandals plaguing Trump. Kris Jenner is the brains behind the entire Kardashian-Jenner fortune, which is why she was dubbed the momager a while back. She has managed to build an empire out of her children just going about their day-to-day activities.

Both families have a big presence on social media sites. People gravitate to see what the latest images of these two families have to offer as soon as a new photo is posted online. After all these comparisons, one might suggest that the W Magazine has made the case that the Trumps have been similar to the Kardashians for years.