Bizarre Conspiracy Theory That Lea Michele Is Illiterate Goes Viral, According To 'Hollywood Life'

Fans typically love a good conspiracy theory, and one that suggests Lea Michele never learned how to read is going viral. The podcast, which was recorded eight months ago, is just now coming to light, and fans are going crazy over the content. The theory was recorded by the One More Thing podcast, a very small operation created by two friends, who likely had no idea that their theory would hit the internet in such a big way. It has been picked up by Hollywood Life, as well as a few other news outlets, as a source of Thursday entertainment.

The pair, Jaye and Robert, use a lot of examples that prove that Lea allegedly can't read, such as her Instagram, which is chalk full of emojis. According to the podcast, any time Lea posts a picture that she obviously didn't take, someone else will add the caption. But when she posts a picture she did take, she will only add emojis. They have also developed a theory that when Lea captions her photos with a "//" at the end, it is actually her friend Jonathan Groff, who co-starred with her in Spring Awakening on Broadway, writing the captions for her and that is his secret signature.

Additionally, they post "evidence" of her illiteracy, saying that she often goes live to announce big news, but doesn't ever post it in written form.

The pair then shows more "evidence" by showing photos and videos of Lea signing her book, Brunette Ambition, which they say her pen never touches the page at book signings. When they do see signatures, they have said it vaguely looks like an "L" and "M," but mostly looks like a butterfly or sideways snowman.

Lea Michele was featured on Ellen with her Glee castmates at one point, and according to the conspiracy theory, Lea had trouble writing down her fellow actors' names on a whiteboard. She also played a round of Cards Against Humanity with Ellen and the cast, but Robert and Jaye noted that she was the only one to not shift her cards around. Instead, they say, she likely already had them in order.

The pair also states that Ryan Murphy has hired her in two series, so he must already know she is illiterate and feeds her lines on the show.

The podcast gives 40 minutes of the theory. Although it has just recently gone viral, Lea has not responded to the presentation yet.