March 22, 2018
Early Look At Roller Coaster Trains For Guardians Of The Galaxy Attraction Coming To Epcot [Photos]

It was just announced a few days ago that three Disney Parks around the world would be getting Marvel-themed lands, but lets' not forget the comic book fun coming to Walt Disney World. Sometime in the near future, a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction will be opening at Epcot and it is going to be one of the longest indoor roller coasters in the world. With much of the info being kept under wraps, photos of the roller coaster trains and cars appear to have leaked out for all to see.

There really has not been a lot revealed about the new attraction that will take the place of the former Universe of Energy ride, but info is coming little by little. Fans do know that Disney is planning on having it open by the time the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary rolls around in 2021, but there still isn't an exact date set.

Bob Chapek, Chairman of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said the new Guardians attraction would have a revolutionary ride system and be the first of its kind. While Disney hasn't yet given any more than that, this is the age of the Internet and leaks do end up happening.

A series of photos first appeared online in the Theme Park Review forums and they are courtesy of a user named "MrRC." The pictures were taken at the testing facilities of Vekoma, a roller coaster production company, according to WDWNT, and they could be the trains and cars for the new ride coming to Epcot.

Now, what is shown in the photos isn't what the finished product will look like as they don't have any detail or design to them. Disney will end up modeling the cars and trains to fit the theme and scheme of the Guardians of the Galaxy world from the Marvel universe.

Having the ride vehicles elevated off of the track will allow it to seem as if guests are flying through the galaxy in a ship instead of attached to something.

Walt Disney World has so many projects going on right now and there are a number of them happening at Epcot with a new look, the Ratatouille ride, and this monster roller coaster. The Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is going to be something unlike Epcot has ever presented before, and it is evident by these photos of the possible ride trains and cars that guests are going to be in for something special.