Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Reportedly Fight Over Travis Scott: Kim’s Judgmental, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have so much in common right now. The two Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars both have adorable new baby girls in their homes, with Kylie welcoming her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott and Kim joining Kanye West in changing diapers for their second daughter, born via surrogate. But their mutual joy over having new babies to love reportedly hasn’t stopped Jenner and Kardashian from hot arguments over Travis Scott, according to a new report from Hollywood Life.

Travis Scott’s New Tattoo Reportedly Turned Into A Feud Between Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian

New dad Travis appears to have made the decision to welcome his new baby in an unusual way: a face tattoo. The word “free” is visible under Scott’s eye. But although Kylie reportedly has no issues with her baby daddy’s new ink, big sister Kim Kardashian feels very differently, an insider told Hollywood Life. However, Kim’s reportedly “judgmental” attitude isn’t changing Jenner’s enthusiasm for her boyfriend, said the source.

“Kylie is so happy with Travis right now; she’s absolutely crazy about him and thinks everything he does is genius. She’s even defending his new face tattoo.”

In contrast, Kardashian reportedly feels that Jenner’s baby daddy made a serious mistake in getting such a noticeable new tattoo. Admitting that Travis’ face ink is a “little shocking,” the insider revealed that Kylie and Kim disagreed so strongly about the tattoo that they fought.

Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy Travis Scott aren't married, but she's reportedly taking his side against anyone who tries to criticize him, including family members such as Kim Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner Reportedly ‘Flipped Out’ On Kim Kardashian

The alleged fight between Jenner and Kardashian initially focused on a tattoo. But the insider claims that more than a face tattoo fueled the sisters’ fight. Kylie allegedly feels that Kim needs to focus on her own life rather than analyzing Jenner’s relationship.

“Kylie ended up getting into a fight with Kim over [Travis’ tattoo] because she let it be known that she does not approve. Kylie flipped out on her for being judgmental and basically told her to back off and mind her own business.”

Jenner is determined to defend Scott from anyone who tries to criticize him, according to the source. In addition to rumors of her feud with Kardashian, Kylie reportedly will not tolerate anyone who tries to put down Travis. As far as Jenner is concerned, Scott “can do no wrong,” said the insider. Even though Kylie and Kim are sisters, Jenner reportedly plans to continue to defend her baby daddy “no matter what.”

While it’s not known how Travis feels about Kim’s alleged judgment on his tattoo, the new father has shown his pride in his baby girl. He joined Kylie in turning to Instagram to share a photo of their precious daughter.

Our little rager !!!!

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Beyond having a baby together, Kylie and Travis reportedly are teaming up to experiment with a new business. Jenner and her boyfriend see themselves as a team, and they view creating video games as a way to make their relationship even stronger, said the insider.

Although Kylie and her baby daddy are somewhat anxious about trying something so different, they have a “super excited” attitude, according to the source. They are enjoying learning about the new venture. In addition to changing their baby’s diapers together, creating a new business is “something tangible that they can do together as a team,” added the insider.