‘Battleborn’ Introduces Players To Ghalt And Deande, Two More Playable Heroes In The FPS

With 25 playable heroes in Battleborn, there should be a character with the right style and abilities for any type of player. All those heroes can be used in either competitive or co-operative gameplay, too. The upcoming FPS from Gearbox Software not only boasts a large playable roster but also includes a Story Mode. Only 16 of the 25 heroes were announced earlier today but that number grew to 18 after developers introduced two more Battleborn playable characters.

Gearbox Software acquainted players with Ghalt and Deande, two more Battleborn ready to save the universe, in an IGN piece. The Peacekeeper Ghalt wields a massive shotgun or two ready to protect his allies and control his enemies. The military veteran can shoot out an energy hook to yank enemies toward him, deploy a couple of Scraptraps to deal area damage, or call on his other shotgun to dual wield for 10 seconds. With the right helix augments, the Scraptrap can even transform into a turret.

Deande, on the other hand, is a capable assassin from the Jennerit Empire. Deande has been a Spymaster for over 1,000 years and is currently working closely with Rendain, the Jennerit warlord. She can call on a Holotwin in battle, quickly charge forward dealing massive damage in addition, and set free a burst of attacks. In fact, with deploying the Holotwin, Deande goes invisible increasing her damage while the Holotwin smartly defends an area with its own attacks.

Ghalt and Deande are part of the 25-hero roster available to players when Battleborn releases on May 3. Their introduction comes just weeks after players got a chance to meet Toby, the penguin in a mech. The world watched in horror as Gearbox Software introduced Toby the Destroyer. This native of Menneck-B wanted to join up with the Peacekeepers, but was denied enrollment. Scorned by his denial, Toby decided to lend his engineering prowess to the Rogues. Toby lands on the battlefield inside his appropriately named "Berg" mech to defend his allies with his energy shield, his arc mines, and his railgun as stated by the official Battleborn website.

With Toby, Ghalt, and Deande revealed, there are only seven more heroes left to be introduced. This does not include the special 26th hero available to PlayStation 4 players who help test Battleborn during its open beta period. Not to mention, the Battleborn open beta will be available first to PlayStation 4 players sometime next year. As the PlayStation Blog points out, players will need to use the same SHiFT account for both the open beta and after purchasing the game in order to receive the bonus character.

The Battleborn open beta will not be the first time players have gotten hands-on time with the game. Several players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One were able to aid in the game's closed technical test in October. In fact, the weeklong test provided plenty of data to Gearbox Software that aided in fixing some issues before Battleborn releases. As the Inquisitr reported, the competitive matchmaking problems that occurred during the test were identified, some hero balancing occurred, and metrics on player helix choices were also collected. The open beta will surely give developers even more information on how players enjoy Battleborn while providing a chance to rectify any other issues that may arise.

In Battleborn, players will start with seven Battleborn, the playable heroes, unlocked. As they play the game and level up their Command Rank, players will unlock more Battleborn. Other Battleborn will be unlocked as the story progresses, too. After all, this FPS may be clearly rooted in MOBA ideals but it also includes a solo and co-op Story Mode for players looking for more than just session-based PvP. Characters not only level up during a match to unlock powerful helix augments, but they also increase an overall Character Rank that unlocks things like character skins.

Are you looking forward to Gearbox Software's upcoming FPS Battleborn?

[Image via Lauren Elisabeth / Shutterstock.com]