March 22, 2018
'Hey Mute.' Stephon Clark Shooting Graphic Videos: Sacramento Police Officers Mute Their Mics Amid Fatal Event

The graphic shooting of Stephon Clark, which was captured on the body cam video of two Sacramento police officers - as well as via aerial footage - has caused outrage and questions, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now, additional details about the fatal shooting can be heard via a series of videos released by the Sacramento Police Department. The above video gallery begins with the 911 call, wherein listeners can hear a man reporting seeing another man dressed in a hoodie, whom the caller said he witnessed breaking the windows of his truck. The caller noted that he confronted the window breaker and asked him what he was doing. The 911 caller reported to the dispatcher that he keeps his tools in his truck, so he was concerned.

At one point after the fatal shooting, one Sacramento police officer, according to the Sacramento Bee, could be heard telling another police officer, "Hey mute," in reference to silencing their microphones. The second video in the series shows the aerial footage of Stephon being shot and killed by police, after Clark is seen jumping a fence. The third video, titled "18- 82449:Officer Involved Shooting 7500 Block of 29th St-Body Worn Camera 1," displays police knocking on the front door of a home and telling a woman who answers the door that they need to check her shed area in the backyard due to reports of broken windows.

That video ultimately shows the police officers giving chase and yelling for Clark to show them his hands while yelling that the suspect had a gun. "We can't see the gun," the video reveals a Sacramento police officer saying, noting that neither one of the police officers were hit with gunfire. At approximately 14 minutes and 33 seconds into the video, the police officer can be heard telling another to mute his microphone.
"He came out, kind of approached us, hands out and then he fell down."
The fatal shooting of Stephon Clark happened Sunday evening, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, with each officer firing 10 shots at Clark. Stephon could be seen being handcuffed by police as he lay motionless in his grandparent's backyard, wearing a hoodie with North Face on the front.

Soon after the 20 shots were fired, police officers could be heard yelling at Stephon and asking him if he could move before they could approach him.

According to Pastor Les Simmons of Sacramento, questions have arisen about the muting.

"We asked, 'Can they do that. They all just muted their mics. … It was a moment of, what are they doing? What are they saying?"
Sgt. Vance Chandler of the Sacramento police noted that there are numerous reasons for circumstances wherein an officer might mute his or her microphone.
"There are a variety of reasons why officers have the opportunity to mute their body worn cameras."
Stephon did not have a gun, reports the Sacramento Bee, but was holding a cellphone.