Man Allegedly Causes Death Of Girlfriend’s 4-Month-Old Baby

A man has been arrested in connection with the death of a 4-month old baby. Cameron Willingham was held in a Utah County jail on Wednesday night over the death of a baby girl, identified as Nevaeh King.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the 23-year-old man was arrested after the baby in his care died from abdominal hemorrhaging as well as severe neck and head injuries. According to a police report, the infant’s mother was in a relationship with Cameron Willingham at the time of death.

Police officers had received a call around 7:30 p.m. on Monday over an unresponsive infant. The 4-month-old child was rushed to Utah Valley Hospital before she was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, where she passed on, Wednesday.

Kenneth Brown, husband to Nevaeh’s biological grandmother, speaking to the Daily Herald, revealed that his wife always suspected that the baby was not in the best of hands. According to him, they did not have an address to send the Department of Child and Family Services to conduct a welfare check.

Brown said they got a call from the blue on Monday night about Nevaeh and went to see her at the Primary Children’s Hospital, where she died. Kenneth Brown, who disclosed that he had sole custody of his own children after his former wife abused them, said he was “heartbroken” over Nevaeh’s predicament.

Cameron Willingham’s bail has been pegged at $252,000. Even though the 23-year-old has not been formally charged with the death of Nevaeh, he has a bloated criminal history that dates back to 2012.

Court documents say in March 2016, Cameron choked his then-girlfriend who was 32 weeks pregnant and got mad when she would not come up with a lie about what happened during police questioning.

Two months later, police were called to the hospital after the girlfriend had given birth. She and Willingham had separated since the last incident, but she told police that she feared for her safety with Cameron showing up at the hospital and threatening her.

Willingham was convicted of assaulting a pregnant person and served two weeks in jail and received 18-month probationary sentence. The girlfriend filed a protective order against Cameron in November. The following month, he was charged with assaulting another pregnant woman.

This is not the only time that a boyfriend has been accused of killing a defenseless child. A KDVR story reports that Isaiah Weaver, 17, was charged with the death of a 21-month-old boy, Jaycieon Sanchez.

A 5-year-old brother of the toddler told police that Weaver watched them when their mother was at work and would usually beat them with a clothes hanger heated with a lighter. The 22-year-old mother knew her children were being abused, but did nothing.

In a similar vein, a Florida man killed a 3-year-old girl after kicking her in the head, reports the Daily Mail. The 29-year-old man had fatally lashed out at the little girl because she got out of her car seat. Adelynn Merrell died from blunt force trauma. Her mother lied to authorities that her daughter had been kidnapped when she disposed of the body with her boyfriend.