Infant Twins Traveling With Parents Were Drenched In Urine And Buried Under Piles Of Clothes, Police Say

A Tennessee couple was traveling with six-month-old twins, drenched in urine, and buried under piles of clothes. According to the New York Post, Crystal Cramer and Christopher Smith were charged Wednesday for criminal abuse and wanton endangerment. The twins were discovered in appalling conditions at a gas station in Kentucky after concerned clerks called police after noticing the pair sitting at the gas pump for hours.

When the police officers arrived on the scene, the pair told them that they were waiting to fix their vehicle. The officers had asked the couple if they had any children, to which they pointed to the backseat.

The Lexington Herald Leader is reporting that the car was piled to the ceiling with clothes and the officers had to dig through the bags to find the infants. The officers say it took them even longer to find the second infant.

The arrest report revealed that the six-month-old twins were wearing tank tops and were soaked in urine. Additionally, they were extremely cold to touch, in the 30-degree weather. Officers said their hands and feet had turned purple.

Amazingly, Smith and Cramer told police officers that the babies were fine, insisting that they checked on the infants every 50 miles to confirm that their bags had not fallen on them.

Emergency respondents were radioed in to check on the infants before they were placed in the hands of child protective services. The arrest report stated that the twins were "in grave danger of suffocation," and were extremely lucky to be alive.

Versailles Police Lt. Michael Fortney speaking to WKYT, said crimes involving children are always too difficult to take.
"When you deal with crimes against children, it really hits home. All of us are parents or aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, so it hits home."
Crystal Cramer and Christopher Smith were booked at Woodford County Detention Center. Officials discovered methamphetamine in Cramer's purse. She faces additional charges of possessing a controlled substance.

Sadly, this is not the only time that a parent would be charged for behaving badly. The Inquisitr is reporting that Josh Perez forgot his infant daughter on a subway platform in New York and traveled 12 miles before he even realized she was missing.

In another Inquisitr story, Nicole Sciortino went vacationing for three days, leaving her children, aged 10 and 11 to fend for themselves. The 30-year-old mother would later tell police, she did not know it was against the law to leave children home alone, without adult supervision.