March 21, 2018
Two-Year-Old Girl Drowns After Parked Car Rolled Into The River, Mother Blames 'Own Stupidity' For Incident

A 2-year-old girl had a horrifying death after being trapped in a car that silently rolled into a freezing river in Wales. Now, her mother, Kim Rowlands, is blaming her "own stupidity" for the untimely death of her young daughter.

The victim, identified as Kiara Moore, reportedly drowned in the River Teifi in Cardigan after Rowlands, 25, briefly left her strapped in a car seat inside the family's newly-bought Mini, BBC reported.

Apparently, Rowlands had to step out of the vehicle for a few minutes to return to the office of the outdoor activities business she runs with her partner, Jet Moore. The car, which was parked just outside of the building, reportedly rolled down a nearby slipway --with little Kiara trapped in the back seat.

As soon as Rowlands returned, she noticed that the car was missing and immediately went searching in the area. The panicked mother even looked in the river but saw no signs of the car.

The parents then feared that the vehicle has been stolen and reported it to authorities, prompting a frantic police search. Members of Kiara's family also made desperate appeals for sightings on social media.

After a two-hour search of the river and roads around the area, Dyfed-Powys Police found the car submerged in the freezing river with the victim still inside, unconscious.

Kiara was later pulled from the water and police officers tried to resuscitate her before airlifting to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. The victim, who was due to turn 3-years-old next week, was pronounced dead in the hospital.

In a statement released by authorities, they have confirmed that the car was dragged 150 meters downstream after apparently rolling down a slipway used to launch boats and kayaks.

The grieving parents are due to be questioned by authorities, despite earlier claims that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation. If proven guilty, Rowlands could face prosecution for neglect, the Daily Mail UK reported.

Kiara's mother paid a heartfelt tribute to her daughter on Facebook and somehow blamed her "own stupidity" for the accident. In her post, Rowlands admitted that she will have to endure the guilt for the rest of her life.
"Sadly yesterday my beautiful baby girl passed away! Due to my own stupidity, I will have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life! Mummy loves you baby girl and I'm so sorry!"
Meanwhile, authorities have warned that people posting "malicious" comments about the toddler's death could face police action. In a statement, Dyfed-Powys Police reminded people to "think very carefully" before posting and making speculations about the incident, The Telegraph reported.
"Posts considered to be malicious will be recorded and police action may follow."