March 22, 2018
Colorado Woman Gives Birth, Allegedly Tosses Baby Over 9 Ft. Fence To 'Get Rid Of It'

A Colorado woman who allegedly gave birth to a baby before tossing the newborn onto her neighbor's deck has been charged with murder.

FOX 31 News reports that Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 23, appeared in court Tuesday and claimed she didn't realize she was pregnant until the morning of January 2.

After giving birth, Wasinger-Konrad reportedly covered the baby's mouth with her hand so no one would hear it crying, then carried it outside in a blanket. From there, she allegedly tossed the baby overhand toward the back deck of her neighbor's residence.

The neighbor, Jeanette Barrich, says she found the baby when she attempted to use her hot tub, and saw it lying on her backyard porch. After bringing the baby inside, she called 911.

Arriving detectives noted that Wasinger-Konrad lived next door and went to speak to her about the baby. She agreed to talk, but told the detectives she had no idea what they wanted to interview her about.

When asked if her DNA matched that of the discovered baby, Wasinger-Konrad was said to have relayed, "well, the thing is, I don't want to get in trouble."

Wasinger-Konrad then told the detective she woke that morning to stomach cramps and "the baby just came out." Once the baby was born, she reportedly said that she covered its mouth to stop it from waking her landlord's family. The new mom then sat on the deck with the baby for about 10 minutes before reportedly tossing it over the 9 foot fence that separated her house from Barrich's.

"I just got rid of it," she told detectives.

Blood spatter from the scene showed that the baby bounced off a railing and the back of a chair before landing onto the neighbor's back deck.

Interviews done with Wasinger-Konrad's fellow employees at a King Soopers in Highland uncovered that the woman recently requested a new schedule and a lighter load at work, as she couldn't carry boxes around because she was pregnant.

Wasinger-Konrad's landlord admitted to cleaning up a lot of blood in her bathroom, but didn't know that her tenant was pregnant.

Wasinger-Konrad was charged with first-degree murder-victim under 12/position of trust, first-degree murder-after deliberation, and tampering with evidence. The woman's boyfriend and family refused to talk to detectives, and it is unsure whether or not they knew Wasinger-Konrad was pregnant.