March 21, 2018
Kourtney Kardashian Bans Sofia Richie From 'KUWTK' Kids With Scott Disick, 'Hollywood Life' Alleges

Kourtney Kardashian has personally reached out to Sofia Richie, telling the aspiring model to keep her distance from her three children, it has been alleged.

The reality star is said to have felt bothered by the supposed fact that Sofia and Scott Disick have been taking the kids with them to plenty of events, Hollywood Life shares, giving the idea that Richie is becoming a prominent figure in their lives.

While Kourtney Kardashian doesn't have a problem with Scott dating, or the idea of having another woman spend time with her children, she just doesn't see Sofia Richie being the one for her ex-boyfriend.

Kardashian's biggest worry is that Sofia and Scott will end up calling it quits very soon, which will evidently hurt the children since they would have already formed such a close bond to Disick's girlfriend.

From the things that Kourtney has seen and heard, she doesn't see her former flame's relationship with Richie lasting that much longer. With that in mind, Hollywood Life claims that Kardashian found it important to let Sofia know she should keep her distance from her kids.

If the mother of three eventually sees that Sofia and Scott give off the impression that they are truly committed to spending their lives with one another, Kourtney might change her mind, but given their age gap itself, the socialite doubts that Richie will stick around for long.

In their alleged discussion together, as mentioned by the outlet, Kourtney Kardashian simply stated that she just wants Sofia to step back a little when it comes to her children, simply because she doesn't want them to get hurt in the end.

Scott supposedly refused to listen when Kourtney tried to tell the self-proclaimed sex addict to refrain from having the children around Sofia, which had left Kourtney no other choice but to take matters into her own hands.

It's been a tough process for Scott and Kourtney to co-parent their three children together, but they are actively getting to a better space. Should Sofia refuse to keep her distance from Disick's kids, it could potentially start another problem for Kardashian.