March 21, 2018
White Nationalist And Holocaust Denier Arthur Jones Wins Illinois GOP Congressional Primary

Holocaust denier Arthur Jones has won the Illinois Republican primary despite being described as a Nazi by his own party. Jones ran unopposed in the Third Congressional District in an area that includes part of the Chicago suburbs. The district is considered heavily Democratic.

According to the NYT, Arthur Jones, 70, has unsuccessfully sought the nomination of the Illinois Republican Party five times before, and he only won this time because the GOP didn't run anyone against him.

Arthur Jones Boasts That He Is The GOP Candidate Because Republicans Dropped The Ball

Arthur Jones boasted that it wouldn't take much for him to win this race because the state party had dropped the ball.

"Even if only myself and my wife voted for me, I'd win the primary because the Republican Party screwed up big time."

The Illinois Republican Party actually campaigned against Arthur Jones, distributing fliers that read "Stop Illinois Nazis," and preparing robocalls that encouraged the like.

Tim Schneider, the Illinois Republican Party chairman, released a statement to distance themselves from Arthur Jones and his "Nazi" beliefs.

"Arthur Jones is not a real Republican — he is a Nazi whose disgusting, bigoted views have no place in our nation's discourse. [He said the party had urged voters] to skip over his name when they go to the polls."
Schneider said they plan to use their campaign dollars to support the Independent candidate in the November election.
Arthur Jones is a former member of the American Nazi Party and continues to be active with White Nationalists and the white supremacist movement. Jones attended undergrad at the University of Wisconsin where he founded the conservative campus newspaper and attended meetings of the Young Republicans and a Nationalist Socialist group.

Arthur Jones Was A Member Of The American Nazi Party

In 1976 Arthur Jones ran for the office of the mayor of Milwaukee as a member of the National Socialist White People's Party. Jones came in fourth in the primary and moved to Illinois the following year.

Arthur Jones says his ties to radical groups are all in the past.

"This stuff about being a Nazi, that's in the past."
But still, the campaign website of Arthur Jones has pages dedicated to the Holocaust which he calls "a greatly overblown non-event" and "an international extortion racket."

But despite his protestations, the Anti-Defamation League has Arthur Jones on their radar. Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the ADL, calls Arthur Jones just one of the extremists running for office this year.

"It is just nuts that we are in this moment in time when we have intolerance really infecting our political process."
Greenblatt says that anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise, as is White Nationalist recruiting on campus. He says the problem is bigger than a little fish like Arthur Jones in a state election.
"It is a sad state, where we are. This is a bigger problem than Arthur Jones."
Despite his protestations that his radical views are in the past, Arthur Jones dedicates a large part of his campaign website to his thoughts on Jews and the Holocaust, says Newsweek. Attached to the page is a leaflet which reads "This idea that 'SIX MILLION JEWS' were killed by the National Socialist government of Germany, in World War II, is the biggest, blackest, lie in history...there is no proof such a so-called 'HOLOCAUST' ever took place in Europe, against the Jews."

Arthur Jones Still Addresses His Denial Of The Holocaust And Jews On His Campaign Website

Another section in the Arthur Jones website is called "Hate Speech?" and calls Jewish teachings "Satanic" and "pornographic," while criticizing the Republican Party for "their fraudulent claim that Abraham Lincoln was a Liberal Race Traitor."

Arthur Jones says he does not consider himself a Nazi, but rather an American patriot, embracing the Trump "America First" speech throughout his website and promotional materials.