March 21, 2018
Michelle Duggar Allegedly Had A '19 Kids And Counting' Crew Member Fired For Being Gay, Reports 'In Touch'

In Touch Weekly recently reported on several stories that allegedly happened to crew members who had worked on 19 Kids and Counting over the years. Thus far, all of the stories reported are totally anonymous, and some were reported to the online media outlet, Gawker, as well.

According to one story, Michelle Duggar got a crew member fired for being gay, saying that she didn't want him around her children or her family. The anonymous crew member states that Michelle Duggar started up some small talk with the crew, asking where they were from. When one said many of them were from New York City, Michelle asked if it was true that "the gays" had overrun the city and if it was causing any problems.

The report states that the crew members laughed and told Michelle that one of the members of the crew was gay, which made Michelle extremely upset. Michelle Duggar then allegedly went over to the crew member in question and pulled him aside and began yelling at him. He was then said to be removed from the show, so someone else was swapped in to avoid further confrontation. It is stated that the Duggar family nor anyone at TLC/Discovery have really discussed the incident.

The anonymous tipster also stated that the program tried to hire more Christian crew members than most other television shows would in order not to upset the Duggar family.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Michelle Duggar's older sister is a lesbian and lives with her wife. Josh Duggar has stated on 19 Kids and Counting that his aunt is "living that lifestyle," and said that he and his family love her anyway. Therefore, it is not known if the story about Michelle kicking out a crew member for being gay has much truth to it. Michelle and her sister do not have an especially close relationship, as they are very far apart in age. However, her sister did once appear on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting several years ago, briefly stating for the camera who she is and how she is related to the Duggar family.