March 22, 2018
Justin Bieber Reportedly Flirts With Blonde Model To 'Manipulate' Selena Gomez's Love, Reports 'ET'

Justin Bieber reportedly had just one goal in mind when he was seen flirting with blonde beauty Baskin Champion. Amid the drama of his are-they-or-aren't-they-a-couple renewed Jelena romance with Selena Gomez, Bieber deliberately chose to be seen dancing with the model, 22, to make Gomez jealous, an insider told ET.

As the Inquisitr reported, Selena Gomez's closest friends are rumored to be worried that her rekindled relationship with Bieber is "bad news." Gomez's buddies reportedly believe that Justin brings out the worst in Selena, fearing that her heartbreak after their last split will occur again. And the newest report on Bieber's antics isn't likely to ease their anxiety for Selena.

Justin Bieber Danced With Baskin Champion At Concert Just To Make Selena Gomez Jealous

Justin, 24, stole the spotlight at Craig David's concert in West Hollywood this week. Multiple reports linked Bieber and Baskin as a couple after they were seen acting flirty at The Roxy in California. Justin's flirty fun with Champion occurred during Selena's solo vacation to Australia.

The source said that Bieber is fully aware that all of his activities in public are "going to get out" into the media spotlight. The insider believes that Justin was so determined to get Selena to pay attention to him during her visit to Australia that he flirted with Baskin at the concert to make headlines that he hoped Gomez would read.

Rumors of a Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Baskin Champion love triangle soared after the blonde model reportedly went to Bieber's home following their public dance at a concert.
Rumors of a Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Baskin Champion love triangle soared after the blonde model reportedly went to Bieber's home following their public dance at a concert.

The source claims that Justin planned his public flirting with Baskin to prove something to Selena.

"[Selena Gomez is] off having fun with her friends and so he's showing that he can still go out and have fun too...There's a part of him that wants to make Selena a bit jealous!"
Adding support to the claim that Bieber is using the blonde model just to make Gomez jealous, the insider revealed that Justin's relationship with Champion is all about having flirty fun rather than a long-term, serious romance.

Justin Bieber's First Romance With Selena Gomez Recalled

Looking back at Bieber's and Gomez's first romance, the source believes that Justin is turning to his playbook from the past to manipulate Selena's emotions during their second romance.
"This [flirting with Champion] seems like right out of the old Justin's textbook! He was very manipulative with [Selena Gomez's] emotions the last time and did stuff like this a lot."
Moreover, the insider denied the reports that Selena and Justin have split. Neither Gomez nor Bieber is ready to call it quits despite the challenges in renewing their romance, according to the source.
As for how Justin and Baskin became acquainted, the insider explained that mutual friends introduced them. In addition to Champion, Sophia Bush and Arielle Vandenberg were also seen at the concert, and both are part of Bieber's circle of friends, according to the source.

But as far as Selena is concerned, Justin's antics at the concert reportedly haven't ruined her feelings for Bieber, added the insider.

"The thing with Justin and Selena is that when they're together, they're together, when they're apart, they're apart. As in, they're no longer attached at the hip."
Gomez's trip to Australia sparked rumors of problems in her relationship with Bieber. But the insider denied those allegations of a split or bad blood, stating that Selena headed off to take some time to focus on her friends and health. And although Gomez lacks the "time or energy to be all about Justin 100 percent of the time," the songstress is there for Bieber when they get together, said the source.

"When they're together, she's fully present. She does care about him a lot, but she just can't be all in right now," explained the insider.