Event Thursday at Google HQ demos Chrome OS, Chrome extensions

Rumors of an initial, possibly developer-centric release of Google’s Chrome OS this week have been swirling, but that looks like a less likely outcome, for now.

We do know Google is hosting an event tomorrow at Google Headquarters where more information regarding the details-light project will be unveiled, hopefully including images of the elusive beast in its natural habitat. Google’s Chrome OS has been the center of much speculation, with little hard information to go on- spawning tech-blogger fanfic since news of the Chrome OS’s existence in July. Tomorrow’s meeting will will hopefully give the project a birthday, and Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management for Google, and Matthew Papakipos, engineering director for Google Chrome, will be hosting a Q&A session after the demo. There’s always the chance a beta could be released, but it looks more like a demo than a launch.

Also, according to Download Squad, a “small event” also occurred last night with Chrome Extensions, and they speculate that the highly anticipated browser add-ons for Chrome may be a topic at tomorrow’s event as well:

What used to be a redirect go the good ol’ index at google.com (or your regional version) has now been replaced with a “coming soon…” tease and puzzle piece image which matches the one added to Chromium’s new tab page on Sunday.

Coming soon, eh? Why not announce it at the big event on Thursday?