March 20, 2018
WWE Star Daniel Bryan Addresses His Return To Ring & 'WrestleMania' Match During 'SmackDown Live' Speech

The latest WWE SmackDown Live episode featured a historic moment as General Manager Daniel Bryan arrived out to discuss his big news with the fans. Earlier on Tuesday, it was revealed that Bryan had finally been officially cleared to compete again within the WWE in an actual match, rather than simply participating as on-screen power figure or guest referee. With the news that he will return to the ring, it immediately brought up quick speculation that Bryan would compete at this year's WrestleMania pay-per-view which he addressed.

As reported by ProWrestling in their SmackDown Live results recap, the latest show in Dallas, Texas, would open with a video package focusing on Daniel Bryan's big championship win at WrestleMania 30 and his retirement speech in February 2016. Soon after, Bryan arrived out to the crowd in Dallas to plenty of cheers, and of course, "Yes" chants, as the excitement was pouring out of the arena.

Bryan would wait out some chanting before finally speaking on the matters at hand. After mentioning that Commissioner Shane McMahon is sidelined, he said he would address the situation with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn later. From there, he brought up the struggle of not being able to compete for the past two years and about the frustration and depression he dealt with. He said for the longest time, his best motivation was to simply "be grateful" for what he had in his life. After a while he said being grateful wasn't enough to get him back. Bryan credited his lovely wife, Brie Bella, for giving him support and motivation to "fight for his dreams."

Bryan said Brie encouraged him to see a number of specialists over the months. He said after one specialist would say he was "good to go," she'd tell him to see another, and then another. Bryan said Brie encouraged him to fight for his dreams because that's what Daniel Bryan does. Eventually, he would go forth with trying to get cleared by WWE as they sent him to specialists all around the world. After a long two years, they agreed he was medically capable to return to the ring.

With that, Bryan not only thanked Brie and the WWE, as well as the specialists, but also the fans for all the chanting and support. He turned his attention to the idea of when he might get into the ring. Bryan glanced towards the WrestleMania 34 banner hanging up in the distance, suggesting the upcoming "Super Bowl of pro wrestling."

That prompted a "Wrestle-Mania" chant to break out. Bryan said he can't say that will happen for sure, but it might. He said, either way, he will be back in a ring to wrestle again, bringing about more ecstatic cheers and chants before SmackDown took a break from one of its biggest opening segments in recent history.

After the show had returned from their commercial break, a smiling Daniel Bryan was shown walking backstage as he still has to work as the general manager. One of the WWE's referees greeted him, offering congratulations and a handshake. Bryan asked the ref to tell Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to head to his office when they arrived. Just after that, Dolph Ziggler walked up to offer his congratulations, but then said he can't wait "to beat" Bryan. The SmackDown GM smiled saying, "you can try."

With that, the possibilities are out there, but the best news is simply the fact that Daniel Bryan will one day be back inside the WWE's wrestling ring.

Update: The SmackDown Live episode's finish featured Daniel Bryan calling Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to the ring to reprimand them for attacking Shane McMahon. After Bryan fired them, the duo looked to be leaving the ring, but turned back and attacked Bryan. He'd managed to fight them off for a bit, but the numbers game caught up and the duo put Bryan down with Zayn's Helluva Kick, and then an Owens Powerbomb onto the outside of the ring apron. A stretcher was brought down to take Daniel Bryan backstage.